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@jjweatherman: Most of the problems concerning Forza 5 had to do how progress in the career mode was structured. The progress was slow and you were encouraged to pay actual money to speed things up. Turn 10 did end up fixing all of that to a point where you get new cars ridiculously fast now. They even opened up the free-play mode for split-screen players which was another fan complaint. All in all Forza 5 is a really good driving game, but at this point I'd probably recommend waiting for six, especially if you're fiddling around with Horizon 2 and Project Cars in the meantime.

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@a_e_martin: Thanks for the advice. I ended up just putting the PS4 in standby and the game had downloaded during the night. Apparently crazy slow PSN download speeds have been a wider problem in Europe recently.

EDIT: Oh wait nope, it's still showing 6 hours left when I went to start the game. That'd make a combined 14 hours for 10 gigs.

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It's out, it's real, downloading right now. I'd forgotten how slow PSN download speeds are. Apparently it'll take 7 hours to download 3 gigs of videogame. I can manage the same in less than 10 minutes on Steam and maybe 30 minutes on the Xbox One.

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I think we can all agree that E3 was pretty great this year, and we got some fantastic Giant Bomb content out of it. However one notable exception this year has been the lack of show floor videos, which we've been used to seeing in past years.

The show floor videos have frankly been my favorite piece of E3 content on Giant Bomb, or even on GameSpot "back in the day". I know that the brilliant editing used in those videos takes up a lot of production time but in my mind the results are worth it. The editing that Vinny and Drew does is an essential part of what makes Giant Bomb all weird and wonderful, and with the addition of Jason on the team I was hoping to see more, not less, of that peculiarity.

What do you duders think? Have you missed the show floor content, or are you happy with the GB crew concentrating on podcast and live show content during E3?

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Things like this are pretty dependent on what you're used to in regards to cost and speed, and what your use cases are. 15Mbps seems really slow to me, so I wouldn't downgrade. I find myself cursing slow game download speeds and HD video buffering with faster internet, so I can't really imagine how bad the problem would be at 6 or 2Mbps.

Then again 50 dollars a month is a lot, so if that 6Mbps connection would be more than half the price and you're willing to live with slightly more inconvenience I can totally understand downgrading to gather up some extra coin.

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The Kimi/Alonso crash was probably the scariest one we've seen all year. The underbody of that McLaren slicing in front of Räikkönen's head looks like some sort of horrible knife. I'm so glad nobody got hurt. The shot of Kimi and Alonso walking away from the crash, looking back at the cars and padding each other on the back was the best moment of the whole race for me.

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I feel like everyone had pretty good shows all around and every conference had games I'm excited to play.

Sony probably had the biggest "wow" effect, but as someone who doesn't care about Final Fantasy or Shenmue I can't really say the announcements hit me all that much. Also they didn't have any exclusives lined up for this year. Horizon looked great though and is probably the most interesting new IP announced at the show so far.

Microsoft and Square both had loads of games I'm excited to play. Also it's been nice to be able to enjoy E3 on my console at home in the form of that Gears beta and backwards compatible games on the Xbox One. Can't wait for that Forza 6.

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Ori is fantastic, but Peggle 2 is also worth a buy if you haven't checked it out already.

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My lifestyle requires a constant internet connection.

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I actually think that the game looks great, visually speaking. The gameplay itself though seems a bit dull. Yes the violence is gruesome, but I don't really think it's much worse than something like Postal, GTA or DEFCON for heck's sake where you kill millions with a click of the mouse.

I might pick it up at a Steam sale somewhere down the line for a couple of bucks.