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GameSpot did a thing on this on The Lobby yesterday. Check it out after the 32-minute mark.

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The honey badger hunting mission has some pretty funny stuff in it.

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@tmhargreaves: Strategy games like Total War, Civilization, DEFCON and Company of Heroes came to my mind as well. They're perfect laptop games for me because running them on low settings usually doesn't effect the experience that much.

However it seems like you're into games with RPG elements, so why not try out some earlier games from the series you already like. Morrowind and Oblivion would probably run on a machine like that, and maybe you could get into Mass Effect as well. There are also plenty of great indie titles out there which don't require a monster of a machine to run.

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I'm kind of hoping that Sony would release some sort of DualShock 4 XL with a bigger/interchangeable battery and revised sticks and triggers.

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Yep, just plug it in. No way to use a wireless connection yet though.

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The season may be over, but the news never stops. Ferrari have replaced their team principal once again. Marco Mattiacci will step down, after only seven months on the job, and will be replaced by tobacco industry veteran Maurizio Arrivabene. And the former King of Spain has let out a bit of a spoiler, mentioning that Alonso told him he'll be headed to McLaren next year. Alonso's response was simply: "the king is the king. He is always right."

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Small fusion reactors please, but basically anything that helps with climate change would be welcome.

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That camera on Rosberg's face is just perfect. You can see the pain and desperation in his face.

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That's such a shame. I really hope that Nico will continue to fight for points. You never know what will happen in the second half of the race.

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This Will Stevens chap will be such a wildcard for the race. It will be cringing to see Hamilton and Rosberg lap him.