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On the 11th of September 2001 I was playing Medal of Honor on the PS1 with a friend at their parents house. Suddenly his mother charges in and yells at us to turn the game off and that a plane had struck the World Trade Center. I was 11 years old and still had no idea what a World Trade Center was. The news footage was kind of surreal. Because we couldn't play Medal of Honor we went outside to play with model airplanes. Only a couple of hours later I realized what really had happened and went home to watch it on TV. When my dad got home he hadn't been following the news and I had to explain everything to him.

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I think I'm finally able to admit that I regret buying a PS4. The main thing keeping me from selling mine at the moment is the six or so months of PS+ I have left on my subscription. Don't get me wrong it's a pretty damn good console, but since OS, controller and friends stuff has persuaded me to buy all my multiplatform games on the Xbox One there just isn't anything to play on the PlayStation side of things except for the "free" PS+ games.

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What were Sonys Playstation Plus offerings for September?

Sports Friends and Velocity 2X. I've had a lot of fun with Sports Friends and Super Time Force this month and I'm actually going to try and finish the STF before diving into Destiny.

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So what are interest levels like for Formula E around here? The first "ePrix" is on Saturday in Beijing and you can "be part of the e-volution" with the whole FanBoost stuff. Is anyone else e-ager to watch this? I will be putting my boost vote behind Jaime Alguersuari! He always seemed like one of the cool guys in F1, I was sad to see him go, and can't not vote for him with that smile of his!

I'm definitely going to watch the first few races and judge my interest levels after that. The problem is however that I have no idea on where I can watch Formula E.

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@t_wester said:

Again with the booing...

This is starting to get really, really gross.

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I hope Chilton is ok because it looked like he really carried some speed into that wall.

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@mister_v: I bet Massa pulls in a lot of marketing dollars their way because everybody loves that dude and he's been pretty consistent at bringing in points whenever he's not been involved in an accident or had mechanical issues. But yeah ever since "that accident" his speed just hasn't been the same.

It's still good to have one veteran driver on your dream and I can't think of anyone from the old boys club except maybe Räikkönen who'd be likely to switch teams right now. Maybe in 2016 Massa will be able to retire from the sport with Bottas having had a few seasons under his belt and then the team would be able to bring in a new rookie.

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@t_wester: Great news and smart moves all around. Williams is the most interesting team on the grid for me right now and I'm pretty positive that Williams is Bottas' best chance to grab a championship right now and the other way around.