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This seems to be region-locked to North America. Pretty darn ridiculous.

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@extomar: The games, currently six of them, are pre-determined. You can not choose which games you want to add to the vault. You can download any and all of the vault games to your console and play them as if they were normal digital purchases. When EA adds games to the vault you do not have to delete your old ones. From what I understand, even if and when EA removes some games from the vault you can still keep playing them as long as you have downloaded them before they've been taken out of the vault.

In practice, when I go to download a game from the vault the EA Access app brings up the normal XBL store page. You get prompted similarly as you would when buying a digital release, but the price for the game is marked "free" as with any Games for Gold game. I hope this clears things up a bit.

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The controller should have 12 months of warranty, so I'd probably try contacting your retailer or Microsoft first.

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Yay for Volgarr, and I might get back into some Viva Pinata action. SteamWorld Dig seems worth a try as well.

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@extomar: You get access to a "vault" of games, which currently includes Battlefield 4, Peggle 2, last years Madden and FIFA, Plants vs. Zombies, NFS: Rivals and probably something else I can't remember right now. Even if you sign up for only one month you get access to all of the games in the vault. They haven't removed anything from there yet, but it seems likely that at some point things will get pulled as new stuff is added.

In addition you get access to soon to be released games, for example the new NBA. These come with a time cap of a few hours, I think it was six with NBA. Then I think there's a 10% discount on all new EA releases and you get some games a few days earlier if you pre-order them and have the pass.

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I'm not totally up-to-date regarding graphics cards, but from what I understand the 770 is still a pretty darn good piece of hardware. It's better than my GPU at least. I'd recommend that you go out and buy a console and if Sony first party appeals to you the most then your choice should be pretty easy.

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@mooseymcman: Yeah I've been hearing the same thing, but haven't gotten any sort of confirmation.

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Are the codes being sent via email or through PSN? I've already got the alpha downloaded on Xbox One, but would be interested in testing out the PS4 version for any differences.

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@niyoko: I'm not sure if the cable is exactly the same, but a micro-USB cable is a micro-USB cable. It should make no difference who the manufacturer is or where you buy it from.

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A lot of good suggestions in this thread. Out of the ones already mentioned Sportsfriends, The Wolf Among Us and Destiny really hit it with me, with Transistor still standing above all those. Something that was not mentioned yet however is Nidhogg. I feel like the music in that game complemented the tense gameplay really well.