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@ltsmash: I've heard the code sound used as a ringtone by people I'd never guess play videogames, let alone MGS. I used it for a while myself but it became too stressful. Recently I've been rocking the BioForge flute.

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We don't really have an equivalent over here in Finland. People mostly drink hard liquor like vodka or whiskey and beer, long drinks and wines. The closest thing to a "let's just get drunk fast" type of Trojan horse is maybe strong wines, of which Valdemar is one of the most popular. I don't really buy this anymore outside of it being a joke, but there are plenty of fond/fuzzy memories from my teenage years with this stuff.

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I tried looking up for comparisons before buying this, but ended up going with the Xbox One version because I prefer the controller like you. I can only say that the framerate is pretty solid and overall it looks only slightly worse than max-settings Far Cry 3 on the PC.

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@eternalvigil: Both of these consoles are generally really great and you should be happy owning either one. I'll try to give some advice here, but generally I'd say that exclusives, friends and controllers are the three biggest factors you should consider.

1. The whole friends thing is kind of huge. At the start of this gen I heard a lot of people talk about switching from Xbox to PlayStation, but with my friends at least that didn't end up happening. My friends list on the Xbox One is in the double digits where as on the PS4 I've still only got maybe ten friends to play with. This is why I've bought all multiplayer focused games on the Xbox One so far, and I don't see things changing any time soon. But I'm sure that the folks here at Giant Bomb would be more than happy to help you out if you do end up switching and want to build up a list of awesome duder friends on the PS4.

2. Exclusives may be the most important factor here. If you feel like the upcoming roster of PS4 games has more draw for you, then you should probably seriously consider going that way. Especially if you mostly play singleplayer games the lack of friends on the PS4 shouldn't be a huge deal. As for myself, I do vastly prefer the Microsoft exclusives so I pretty much "had to" get an Xbox One to play Halo, Gears, Forza and so on. You shouldn't be excited about Ryse, but Sunset Overdrive ended being a huge positive surprise for me and you should definitely give it a chance if you end up buying an Xbox.

3. If you don't care about Kinect, then great. Because you don't have to buy one anymore and it seems like Microsoft is slowly distancing itself from the sensor altogether. However it is quite handy for UI stuff and I really find myself missing voice control features on my PC and PS4 now. As for Gold vs. PS+ I think that both services are quite similar now. PS+ still offers more games per month, but which ecosystem has the better games varies month-to-month.

4. The only game I've played on both consoles is Destiny, and it looked exactly the same to my eyes. Some games do have a lower resolution or level of detail on the Xbox One, but the only game I bought on the PS4 because of performance reasons was Ground Zeroes. And even with that it was mostly because I have a mental connection with PlayStation and Metal Gear Solid which is hard to break. Alien Isolation was a terrible experience on the Xbox One because of the bad framerate, but I've heard that even on the PS4 and PC it's far from perfect.

5. Multimedia is handled better on the Xbox One, and being able to quickly switch between games and video is especially pleasant. Also the Kinect features for pausing and playing video have been handy because I don't have to look for my controller in a dark room when watching a movie if I want to go to the bathroom etc. I haven't tried any of the TV stuff so can't comment on that. But if you said that this is not an important factor to you then the PS4 is a stellar machine for BluRay and Netflix stuff as well.

6. I'm pretty sure that the Xbox still deletes your old games once the hard-drive fills up, but I'm not sure about that at all. I ended up buying a 2 terabyte external drive once the HDD inside the Xbox started to be almost full, so I haven't had to do any memory management. I've no idea on how it's handled on the PS4 side of things.

I hope some of this was helpful to you. I'd really recommend that you try to find consoles to test out. Most people seem to prefer the DualShock 4 over the Xbox One gamepad. They're both great but you should test them out for ergonomics, sticks and triggers. It'll also be important for you to test out both interfaces. People seem to have strong opinions both ways, and I'm one of the crazies who really like the Xbox One UI even though it's still buggy and crashes from time to time. Instant on is a huge deal for me, and it's great to be able to pick up Far Cry 4 for example exactly where you paused the game once you boot up the system. The PS4 interface seems quite stable, but the games library is hard to organize and the store is especially dreadful to buy stuff from. Luckily both Sony and Microsoft have reasonably good webpages where you can buy all the games and have them download to your console while you're away at school or work etc.

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That's a really sucky situation. Luckily it seems like your family's fine and I hope the material damage isn't too great.

When I was a kid we had a pipe burst on the lower floor of our two-floor house. All the bedrooms were upstairs and I woke up in the middle of the night to the sound of my dad yelling on the phone to some plumber or whatnot downstairs. Luckily the pipe had burst near the front door so we hacked away most of the door frame to let the water run outside and tried building barriers with towels and stuff. The water was eventually shut off after a couple of hours, but water had already flooded all of the first floor. We had to do a complete renovation of the floor and replace a lot of the furniture. Also getting home afterwards was tricky, because this happened in the middle of winter and starting from our door the entire yard was one huge slippery block of ice for the next couple of months.

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My trigger's started to make some squeaky noises a couple months ago. I haven't used the controller a lot since then, but I'm definitely worried that it might brake. Would be my first broken controller since the PS2 days.

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My diet probably wouldn't change that much, except I'd eat more sugary stuff and pasta. Also I'd eat more meat if it wasn't bad for me and didn't effect the environment.

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Ecclestone has confirmed that there will be no double points for 2015! We can all thank the team boffins, or as Bernie put it "bloody idiots", for this.

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Ace Combat up to 6, never got to play 6 because I did not have a 360, but I have considered buying one multiple times just to play that game.

Yep, that's a good call. Ace Combat 6 is not such a strong game, but 4,5 and Zero would be fantastic to see in higher resolutions. Also Max Payne, Zone of the Enders and Call of Duty 2.

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It would be nice if reviewers had access to all the versions in advance, but I totally get why the companies do things this way. I know I'm going to get Far Cry 4 and it would be nice to pre-download, but not until I can figure out which version to get.