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I tend to agree with @sergio and @sethphotopoulos. If Destiny is something that you are really looking forward to then the bundle with a white PS4 might be a good time to jump in. While I don't necessarily regret buying a PS4 early on there aren't any games out yet or coming later this year which would justify the purchase onto themselves. If you don't mind playing Destiny on PS3 then I'd probably wait into 2015, maybe even until after E3 for a potential price drop or bundles etc.

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Here's our first look at the new 18" rims Pirelli are testing out and are likely to be using in the future.

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Around 40 minutes by metro and bus to my job. Only 15 minutes by tram or bike to my school.

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Each mustard has their time and place, but most of the time I go with dijon or homemade.

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@flacracker: Räikkönen has a history of doing a bit of snowmobile and ATV racing etc. before races and not telling his team about it, sometimes breaking a wrist or a leg.

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All and all that was a pretty spectacular race. Lots of surprises, great overtakes and I'm very happy for all the guys who snatched podium spots. That crash with Kimi is going to haunt me for a while though in the same way as Felipe's shunt back in Canada. I'm so glad that they both ended up OK in the end.

On a lighter note here's Räikkönen racing a lawnmower before the race.

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It would be an absolute sensation if Bottas were to make it to the podium after starting from 14th place.

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@sessh said:

According to Ferrari Kimi seems to generally be okay, but as some have guessed already, he's worried that his foot is hurt. No details on that yet.

Also Kimi's first response on the car radio was "How's Felipe?".

Almost unbelievable how even during a massive crash Kimi was able to recognize it was Felipe who hit him.

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Oh crap, I really hope that Kimi's not seriously injured. I fear that a crash like that might bring back his back problems. And I feel so sorry for Massa to have this be his 200th race.

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Well that session went to shit poor Susie :/

Ferrari and Williams out in Q1 wtf is happening?

A really exciting qualifying so far. Fast cars at the bottom of the pack means more overtakes for the race which is always exciting, but horrifying to see Bottas and Kimi all the way down there.