I think I broke the GH Arcade in Disneyworld Hollywood Studios

In the Pizza place with the same theme as the pizza place from Toy Story.

I got kinda addicted to it while I was there and couldnt stop putting coins in! Eventually the coins stopped going into the machine and just dropped down into the change section. I came back later to find the coin slot completely jammed, to find quarters stuffed in the slot and would not move.

I banged on the machine about 12 times and the quarters all rolled into the machine at once! I got one free play from that and felt pretty good. Machine is messed up though, dunno why. Weird.


The game for christmas that you didn't ask for

For the second year running I have receive a random game I didnt ask for. Dont mistake me as ungrateful but it can at first appear as a nuisance; especially if the game is final fantasy XIII.

The first thing I did was listen to this. It's really good.

And for the first time ever, I will play a Final Fantasy game. Actually that's a lie, when I was a child I played FF VII but did not get further than 15 minutes into it. Something I regret yes, but those first 15 minutes were not fun (as I remember).

So about 20 minutes in XIII I can say that I think im in for the long haul. The game is absolutely beautiful, the music is great and the type of turn based fighting seen is fast paced enough to hold my interest.

For those wondering, last year I received Hitman: Blood Money. A very frustrating/rewarding game, especially the former if, like me, it's not your sort of game. I had to have friends do some missions as I didn't have the patience but I will say that it was a good game.


Fight Night Champion is a great game, But not without it's flaws.

 First off this is a fun game, Im pretty good at it and when I should win I do BUT there are some things wrong here.
 Isaac Frost, a fictional character, is allowed in online head to head play, and is a complete juggernaught. I played him as Ali and the fight not only felt unfair but was unfair, especially as he is a locked character at first and can be bought.
Then the OWC game mode has been completely messed up by people coughing up the money for XP packs, enabling them to level up their character easily and being paired up with lvl 90's when you only start off a lvl 78.
 EA's greed is apparant, but apart from these gripes I have to say this game is really good!


Fallout 3 addiction...

It's a real thing. How the HELL am I meant to do this stupid personal study for the wasp factory when im playing this game!!! By the way the wasp factory is a great book, you should read it.

Also when im on the computer i come on sites like weebls-stuff.com kongregate.com, bungie.net and of course gamespot but it isnt a good thing!!!