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For example in the first game I helped the Order of the Flaming Rose and went with Shani instead of Triss. So will I be asked at the start of The Witcher 2 what decisions I made?

I was planning to play this on 360 but will I have to be on PC to import my save?

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@Tennmuerti said:

I like you.

Please stay.

Regarding the Grandmaster, he actually gets quite a bit of screen time (MAJOR SPOILERS):

Grandmaster is the child Alvin you rescue and let either Triss or Shani raise him. There is a time when Alvin asks you for your opinion on an important event. Your words will somewhat shape him. When you meet him as the Grandmaster he will speak your words back at you. This literally sent chills up my spine, when I realized who he was. Gearalt is basically very heavily responsible for the Grandmaster, it's the reason Alvin/Grandmaster decided to use Witchers as a blueprint for his advanced army to conquer/protect humanity.

What? The witcher explicitly says at the end its slightly different to the one Alvin has. And anyway I thought I brought up Alvin well :(

Say it ain't so. Have the creators confirmed this>

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@Fallen189 said:

I like facebook, because I'm between 18 and 50, and I'm not a fucking misanthrope. If you don't like using it, don't use it. It really is that simple

Haha, what he said. Why would you hate it though, either you're a crazy paranoid person or just don't like people. Either way hating it is dumb.

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I would probably say something generic like pulp fiction but I want to say something crazy like Eraserhead.

@Degringolade said:

(It's still Citizen Kane.)

Fuck no. Fuck that film. FUCK

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Was the 40th day actually worse than the original?

It was pretty bland but competent enough

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Burger King's burgers are SHIT

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@jukezypoo said:

Between 1-3 on weekdays (wake up at 6:30), and between 4-6:30 am on weekends (wake up at 12-3pm).

Dude... kudos I'm currently in a bad place with bed at 2 and waking up at 12, but that's nothing compared to you

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I think alot of people would not even consider buying the game if it was not on sale.

So all in all Steam sales are great for everyone! Eff EA.

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@TaliciaDragonsong: Fair enough, I came close a few times but on occasion he proves his worth, to me at least.

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The first bombcast in ages I'll enjoy listening to then.

Wait, was this a jab at BRVJ or at Patrick?