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@falserelic said:

It doesn't have to be the internet just life In general. I'm just wondering if you ever came across someone that didn't like you. Even though you never done anything to make them hate you.

Yeah, mostly racism.

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We're lance boogie and are the new based gods

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@Twiggy199 said:

Come back to this thread in 5-10 years time and you'll realise what a cunt you were being.

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@JonSmith said:

Yes, I have experience dealing with this kind of person. No, there is nothing you can do. No matter what you do, these types of people will come up with their bull crap excuses as soon as you put a toe out of line, and then it will be as if all previous good behavior didn't exist. They don't care if you think they're abusing your power, because they believe they are naturally above you on the foodchain, so your opinions don't matter. They know they're playing a game where they're dealing the cards, they have all the best ones, and only they know the rules. And if you think what they do with that power is petty? Again, your opinion doesn't matter. Either move out or give up and do as you're told.. Your mother is beyond help or saving.

Yeah this summarises things nicely, Incredibly frustrating but true nonetheless.

@Tarsier: I wouldn't say I'm like her at all, I thankfully take after my Dad which is almost a polar opposite to her. Although I have picked up her stubbornness, at least I don't have the ability to hold a grudge.

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@falserelic said:

@ItBeStefYo: My advice to you man would be to have this thread deleted. I'm not trying to act like a dick towards you in anyway. I have made some threads that gave me a bad rep on giantbomb. Stuff that you say will be carried with you on this site. Trust me I've been there. If you don't want things to get worse your best bet will be to delete this thread.

Nah it's fine, if assholes want to come out of hiding, let them.

I'd rather they disliked me because of some vertical slice of my life than pretending to be decent people, wade through the shit and all that.

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@Napalm: I did them before I had written this, sigh... If you felt the need to call me cunt for this then I'm seriously wondering what's wrong with you

@Turambar: Ah well that's what I get for writing this, internet came at me. Lucky for me that I have some self worth

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@Turambar: Don't be pedantic and accept that it's a dumb argument. Don't see how you can analyse me with such little information though, tell me your analysis of me.

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@frankfartmouth: me and your kid

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@frankfartmouth said:

If you were my kid, I wouldn't cut off your college funds, I'd throw you out of the house. Then I'd cut off your college funds. And I'd tell you to make your own goddamn food too.

Someone stop this guy from reproducing please

@lmenzol: Oh fuck off with this argument, I'll like who I like and who the fuck are you to tell me otherwise?

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@Clairabel: Huh. I'd say you just need a fresh start somewhere, other than that I've felt pangs of sadness and I think companionship is the best thing, people or even pets.