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Big Pimpin, Spendin G's dah dah dah dadah

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I'm not really used to losing people as young as Ryan, I guess I've been lucky so far but now that Ryan is gone it feels so unjust. Ryan will live on forever in our hearts

Summerjam relevant.

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I don't really follow the games enough to have a favourite team, so does anyone have any suggestions or stuff like that? I remember Brad interviewed team liquid and stuff for starcraft.

Or should I just choose the favourite team most likely to win the competition and get the bonuses that come with that, and what is the favourite team?

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@roborobb said:

To be fair We don't pay for healthcare

This. The NHS is ruining video games!

Oh shit, I'm actually working for the NHS

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@deskp: @soap: @winsord: The AVERAGE household income in america is about 50,000 while the average in the uk is abou 26,000. Convert the different and the americans are better off by about 6000 pounds.

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If you do the conversion, $400 dollars should make it 300 euros and £250 pounds in the UK which is ridiculous. No one say "oh its region free import it", why are we subsidizing America?

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Everyone saying Attack on Titan is AMAZEBALLS are lying :'( It's so bad, why do the titans provoke endless hilarity when they are supposed to be scary!?

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@bisonhero: I think this is a more or less decent guide for noobs like me to decide what heroes they should avoid/pick, And I'd like to hear other's opinions on multiple heroes aswell!

@ulquiokani: Trying to keep it brief duder

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@supamon said:

I think you need to understand how these heroes work and what their true potential/roles are. It sounds like you just picked them out randomly and decided whether you liked them or not based on how many kills you could get with them.

First impressions dude....

@tafae said:

It's always crazy seeing how new players who come at Dota from the angle of "I don't know any of this I'm just going to jump in" react to the game. I particularly like how matter-of-factly Rubick is dismissed here despite literally all of his abilities being off the wall crazy and useful and him being a pretty stable pick or ban since being introduced to captain's mode. A new player liking Meepo seems super nuts to me too, but might be reasonable for someone coming from Starcraft. "Meticulous" is a really good way to describe Mirana though.

What's so crazy about Rubick's skills? And I don't come from Starcraft.