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#1 Posted by Ithryn (84 posts) -

oh no oh no, i'm so fucking scared to listen.

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@fluxwavez: He had his differences with the podcast "machine" :P. Remember when they almost lost the podcast 1 week ago or something like that and he was mad about it?

And yeah, i was being silly with that giantbomb old meme, was trying to laugh a little, I'm so sad still. I meant no harm in any possible imaginable way!

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I hope I'm not being disrespectful in thinking that brad is saying good bye to the podcast "machine". Thus meaning he is leaving giantbomb.

I'm probably reading too much into it, and he is just saying goodbye to Ryan "podcast host master" Davis.

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#5 Posted by Ithryn (84 posts) -

Damn you Patrick, that word almost broke me again :,(.

I love all you guys and I'm right behind ANY decision they make.

......fuck you ryan, I love you.

#6 Posted by Ithryn (84 posts) -

How will the guys go on now after such devastating news. RIP big man! All the strength and good vibes to all his family and friends!

#7 Posted by Ithryn (84 posts) -

English is not my first lenguage so I'm sorry if this will look like a mess, but I have to let out my feelings somewhere.

I'm absolutely devastated by the news. I can only think of his wife, parents and friends and it makes me ungodly sad.

I never knew the guy, and it feels so weird being so sad about a guy I have never talked to. A guy from a videogames podcast no less. But being myself such an introvert guy, one of the few ways I actually heard people talking was through the podcast. (I know, pretty pathetic). The giantpodcast was my first podcast ever, and it introduced me to this peculiar world 4 years ago. I have laughed so many times with this guys that I feel that I know them just a little.

And MAN was he so awesome, and knowledgeable, and hilarious, and a huge "jerk", and so so tender and kind, or at least that's how I perceived him from his Internet "persona": I know he was much much much much more.

Seeing his death date on his giantbomb page justs makes me cry and punch more stuff, it makes it too real.

Know that a guy from Mexico sends his best wishes and shares the tears with all his family and friends, he will be remembered around the world.

I usually love rainy days, not today.

My corazon pertenece a Giantbomb!

#8 Posted by Ithryn (84 posts) -

Hugs y abrazos from Mexico! :(

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I really hope Leon is voiced by Paul Mercier again. He does sound a little different in trailer. He was my favourite RE character, mostly because of that charming voice. :O

Where's everyone going? Bingo?

#10 Posted by Ithryn (84 posts) -

Ok, I will admit it, In my personal opinion, I always though Patrick was kinda boring.

I have just found a great respect for Pat now! Mr. Keplek...Welcome.

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