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I am having some trouble with Nest boxes, in that I can't seem to make them. I have a Craftsdwarf Workshop built, I queue up a handful of wooden nest boxes, I have the wood available in a stockpile in the same room and yet my Carpenter dwarf just sits there Idle with "No Job". I can't seem to figure out what I am doing wrong, but he refuses to work on them. He will build in the Carpenter Workshop no problem though. What am I missing?

EDIT: I just tried making a stone nest box since I hit some stone, my Mason dwarf won't make them either. It seems I am missing some crucial step with the Craftdwarf's Shop.

Yeah, you need someone with either stonecrafting (not masonry) or woodcrafting (not carpentry) labor enabled to make stuff out of stone or wood respectively in the craftdwarf's workshop.

Also, I'd stick with rock nest boxes. Save that wood for beds & bins! (Also, rock pots, not wooden barrels for the same reason! :) )

MacNewbie is the Mac equivalent of the LNP. It works well for playing Dwarf Fortress, Dwarf Therapist, & editing some options. I wasn't able to get DFHack (utility that adds some commandline controls like the old Quake console) to work with it, which is a shame because DFHack's 'quicksave' command is indispensable in my [humble] opinion.

I didn't play around with it too much though so perhaps I just wasn't doing it right!

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You can find the book here.

I got it there for half off using the "buy 1 get 1 one free" off (even though I bought that book only).

I saw on the author's twitter that he was going to try to keep it pretty current with updates and that buying the ebook through O'Reilly would allow you to get the updated versions for free. Of course, that was just according to his twitter so grain of salt may be required...

I read through the book and it definitely was a big help and a pretty easy read. High recommended if you wanna play some Dwarf Fortress!

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  • Don't waste bullets on thin guys on the ceiling. They're invincible when up there.
  • When taken, blue pills provide a bit of ammo after sleeping. That said, it's best to hold onto them for later...
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Maybe he was referring to the fact that anime series (& other shows in Japan) are generally sold 1 or 2 episodes per disc & that each disc is extremely overpriced?

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Haven't tried it myself but:

(Older but button mapping options here, again no experience with it myself: )

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@jasondesante: Hehe, cool man! Have at it!

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Dang, I'm never gonna have time to build these (or make a Brad, Vinny & Patrick in the near future) so have at it anyone interested.

The Jeff was built before on another GB-affiliated server that no longer exists.

Both plans are 32x46 I believe...

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I've watched all of the old series & he does indeed seem OK with me. There was a LOT of variation between the old doctors too. Perhaps that's why the old fans are more willing to give him a chance.

Though admittedly, the only episode I've seen of his so far was the one where he plays soccer. The episode seemed pretty pander-y because it was broadcast the night before World Cup but I had no problem with him.

I've heard the episodes are skewing more toward the paranormal which is something of a concern. They were hinting at reveling the Doctor's real name at some point too. That sounds dumb to me. Again though, these aren't necessarily problems with Smith...

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Yep, that's it right there. Still like the first & second Doctors' renditions the best I think.