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All I know is since things went all "premium" it seems the site has significantly less content that interests me than it did before, and lost a lot of its charm. The Bombcast is still excellent as always, but what happened to TANG, consistent video reviews, general shenanigans, and news that's on par with other gaming sites(a lot of important stories never even get posted on GB anymore - instead it's a lot of indie stuff/fighting game updates)?

I think that happened when Patrick took over as the news leader.

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I would say Tested won out of all of this.

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So, does this mean that the new GiantBomb won't have "premium" content, or that it will, but the billing will happen by way of Gamespot's premium service?

I think this is the biggest question, and I'm shocked this was yet again avoided in one of the "question answering" sessions.

Will there still be premium-only content, or just premium features (iTunes, box top, etc)?

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I wish they would stop this fake super positive attitude and just be honest. I'm tired of reading "hey guys we're all excited you should be excited why wouldn't you be excited???" posts. Just give me the facts.

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And then we can watch Jeff get fired again for giving a game a bad review, and I'll sign up for when they start doing quick looks.

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My vote is either for Brad or Patrick. It's always frustrating to watch Brad try and figure out a puzzle that is obvious, but Patrick will run around in a circle for 10 minutes of a quick look describing the game. Just play it man.

And this poll is all in fun about how someone plays a game. I'm sure if someone watched me for a total of hours upon hours they would have plenty to complain about.

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Same thing happened this year. Ryan hadn't even played Skyrim but he fought for it against SR3rd. Also, they now all openly bash Skyrim about the ps3 problems and how tiring it is, yet they don't complain about SR. The DLC is not that great, but that's not the point. They had to pick Skyrim as GotY just to fit in with all the other publications.

If you hadn't figured it out by now, Brad always wins the fights because he whines. The others actually use logic, while he just complains and pouts. Therefore he always wins.

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Dark Souls has been in there since December...just can't stop playing.

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If I lived there I would try my best to get on the staff.