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Interestingly, discovered this was out by looking through the App Store this weekend. Didn't realize it was on 360 as well so I'll have to grab it on there. Sonic CD is still to this day the one major 2D Sonic game I never fully played through.

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Every post above this one needed more alcohol involved while posting.

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Alice Cooper has to be my favorite artist to see live since his shows are a twisted convergence of concert and musical.

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On one hand, yea this is kinda stupid. On another hand, with how many times over Nintendo will sell the same games I'm not really surprised.

On the third hand, lol Vita.

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Being a design major and working in television creates a constant need for polish and presentation in everything you consume. Gunstringer is definitely itching that scratch. I'm not too far into it, but the attention to detail is amazing. In just the first play you have lincoln logs, popsicle stick bridges, a horse made with a tack, bulls with beer can torsos that release carbonation when shot, and so much more. I'm obviously not far enough to write any sort of formal review or reflection, but it is safe to say so far that anything I write will have significant praise.

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Okay someone please take over making DJ Hero type games then. 

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Welp, time to jump in the front lines again.

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This is a post for great beta justice, smell the stench of my obligatory 'GIEV BETA KEEY' post.

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Amidst topless employees, pantsless dancing, public displays of affection, hiding in boxes, hand-holding while in pink gis, and waking up....
it ended like this.

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Cammy's alternate costume should simply be a bigger butt.


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