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NA PS4 Code


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All of the RSS feeds have a title header link that points to which leads to a 404.

 <title>Giant Bomb&#039;s Site Mashup</title> <link></link>

I found this because sometimes I click on the feed title on my RSS reader as a quick way of getting to the site, instead of clicking on an article in the feed.

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My old xbox did this before I got a new one. If you give it a good smack on the top just above the tray at the same time you hit the button, it should come open. But the problem's just going to get worse over time if it's anything like my experience.

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Definitely a unique method of sponsorship. I'm all for innovation in internet  advertising!

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Yeah now that the demo has come out it makes sense... kinda

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I was playing the Crackdown 2 demo at E3 and I saw there were these little cards on the demo kiosk for something called "Chuck's Ducks 2 Beta", with a user name and password to sign up for it at
So I went to the website and it turns out it's a Facebook game. It didn't look like it had anything to do with Crackdown 2 at first, it has a cutesy carnival games art style. It's a basic 'Same Game' colored block matching game clone, clearing a board of balloons earns you ducks, then it goes to a little shooting gallery minigame that's like reverse Duck Hunt- you shoot hunters popping out of the grass who are trying to shoot down your ducks. 
Oh, and the ducks are flying into Pacific City. Which is the only Crackdown reference I can find in the game. 
There's a 'Facebook Duck Total" counter on the side that says it will unlock something in the Crackldown 2 demo when it is filled. So I guess that's the whole point of this thing.
It just seems really random and stylistically different from Crackdown. I mean there's a hundred things they could have made a web game about that would have more to do with Crackdown 2... taking out gangs or running over zombies or whatever... but instead it's about popping balloons for ducks? Maybe there will be something in the game that makes sense of it.

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If it's really as quiet as they say it is, I might just have to get it for that reason alone.

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I'm pretty sure if they have vehicles in MP it will be pretty different from the tanks in W@W.... pilotable helicopter like the one they just showed in the MS press conference, anyone?

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Definitely trying to ride on Black Op's coattails. There was hardly anything in the trailer, they could have waited til they had a more finished product to show but they wanted to get it out now to share some of COD's hype.
I'm not hatin' though, Battlefield Vietnam was pretty sweet back in the day.

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Who wants to bet they only started developing this when they heard the next COD was set in 'Nam?

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