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Bethesda has "quality standards"?

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Big LOL @ "Oh, and it's DRM free!".
Sarcasm or stupidity?

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Ubuntu on the desktop (with a lot of self-compiled stuff though).

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This is astroturfing gone wrong.
For every troll review there is a fake review written by marketing teams hired by Bioware/EA.

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The first Prey is fucking awesome, but that Prey 2 cover... uhg.

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Here's an article that outlines what happened with the Dreamcast.
I still don't agree with the notion of how easy it was to play copied dreamcast games back then.
We're talking 1999-2001 here. This was before widespread broadband connections. People mostly copied games themselves and with gd-roms it was/IS a nightmare.
Even if you downloaded a dreamcast game you had to fight with bootloader incompatibilities (until discjuggler images became popular much later) and generally shittier versions of the game with e.g. stripped FMVs, buggy custom cd swapping, longer loading times, bugs like extreme texture pop-ins because of the gd-rom to cd conversion. You were mostly better off just buying the game.

It is a lot less of a headache to play copied games (via exploit, swap trickery or modchip) on xbox, xbox360, wii, ps1+2 and now ps3.

On Topic:

Dreamcast 2. :)

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@MattyFTM said:
" Piracy played a big part in it's demise. "
No, it did not.
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@Vodun said:

" @LordAndrew: World of Warcraft was developed by Blizzard, published by Blizzard and is continuing to be supported by Blizzard. Is any third party involved in this process? No? Then I'd call that a pretty independent game. "

Blizzard has been a subsidiary since the mid-90s.
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@TaliciaDragonsong said:
" I want a inbetween option. I'm a big fan of say, Mount and Blade and STALKER, but those aren't THAT indie. "
What? Those are as indie as they come. 
The only games I play regularly right now are Wolf: ET and qwctf (id was independent back then). So it's pretty much exclusively indie games for me at the moment.
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Amnesia: The Dark Descent

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