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that is surprising and disappointing. ive been waiting for a decent DF-like built for normal people for a while. i figured with double fine at the helm it'd turn out, given enough time. i guess it turned out to be too much time. glad i waited on buying this one

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he must be stopped

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i say "ENUF IS ENUF" with "FUNE" games

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That's a pretty impressive line-up. I recognize some of the names on that list. This whole Nintendo/Namco relationship has been interesting, and I'm glad to see a lot of Namco composers on the list because I think they do pretty well with the music in their games. Nintendo's really going all-out for this thing, huh?

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havent played pokemon since middle school but waaaaaay into this idea

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that was quite interesting, I thank you for sharing this

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funnier when they play terrible games imo and i enjoyed this weeks entry in "chat makes giant bomb play video game of questionable quality"

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Unless you consider Marvel, MK and Injustice netcode too, bleh play whatever and learn by any means. Don't let bad online be the be all end all factor.

It might be a little unfair in some cases. But, I would consider weighing it heavily if you don't have anyone near you who wants to play offline. Because, if you don't have locals to play offline, and the net play is junk... then what are you doing?

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play whatever looks fun but be sure not to buy anything with junk netcode