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@WhatTheDang said:
" Here's every TNT:    Kessler: The chat has a question: Does this game have (tired giant bomb joke)?  Ryan: That is a terrible question  "
you have summed up my sentiments exactly 
thank you
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yesssss so glad i saw this earlier today! it works perfectly and the only drawback is that you can't start races (not that i want to race anyways) but there's always that chance of someone fucking it up that way. 
makes me think there's almost no use in getting the game now but i kind of hate myself for thinking that. might be pre-ordering this soon and who knows, they might patch this out

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yesssss so pleased with the pricing on the move. the bundle pack with the move controller, playstation eye and one game is perfect for me for the time being.

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aww man! 
saw ryan invite me on air when they were switching to 360, immediately accepted the invite to find the game telling me the session was full and it was kicking me back to freeroam. the loading for freeroam loaded forever to no avail while i saw ryan browse GBTNT's friendslist and not noticing me (therefore no new invite). 
don't wanna seem like i'm hating on ryan, i just stayed up till 2am and was this close to playing with the guys but oh well....

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red dead redemption 
i mean 
come on

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that was possibly the worst giveaway i have ever experienced for anything. 
the guy was most likely flooded with "jokes" (which is what you needed to send for a code) and he probably took less than a minute to choose the best one. ridiculous. 

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after having my first encounter with david lynch when i watched mullholland drive a few months ago, i was more tempted in watching more of his stuff, naturally. 
then, among the talk of twin peaks on the podcast and the endurance run, i watched the pilot online and fell in love and am knee deep in the twin peaks gold box edition or whatever it's called. i don't think i've ever loved and been fascinated with a TV show so much before twin peaks. truly one of the greatest TV shows ever

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Dear Jeff, 
Curse you for making me want to try Star Trek: Online even more. 
X0X0Ooooo , 

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well it had the usual 'duder, it's over!' bug where the video just skipped right to the end. so natrually, they pulled it to fix it up but it has taken an awful while to do so.
oh well, hope it's up sometime. seems like a promising QL for sure!!!