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its been at 170$ at costco for about a week and a half

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I got: 
Monday Night Combat 4-pack 
Mafia II 
Anomaly: Warzone Earth 
Bit.Trip Runner 
Defense Grid: The Awakening 
GTA IV Complete pack 
Both penny arcade episodes 
Magicka + Vietnam DLC  
and the prizes i got: Alien Breed 2,  Monday Night Combat Summer Gear, tf2 summer shades, portal 2 goo gear snorkels and the defense grid map packs
Now I have to find time to play through all of those..

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says 120V on mine

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Bought Darksiders today, and claimed both the Summer Shades for TF2 and Goo Gear Snorkels for Portal 2 since those are the only two games I own from all the prizes. 
One hour left until Darksiders finishes downloading!

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@DreamsTornaApart said:

I still need a 3rd hat. I have a PC game and a PSN game.

If somebody is still stuck on this, the third one is a DS game
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Same here, Win7 64-bit and chrome 

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3DS price drop incoming

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geez stop complaining, here in canada we got hitch, click and underworld evolution. I would have loved to have ghostbusters as I've never seen it.

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@617_jbug: well then its official. I can't wait! 
Edit: looks like Japan will still have to wait.
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