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Persona 4 Golden will probably always be my proudest platinum. Hearing those 200 Risette lines was an absolute nightmare but I still loved doing it.

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My condolences to you and your family, Jeff. We all love you so much.

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@mosdl: I dont know about the others, but Lego Lord of the Rings has amazing couch co-op. Keyboard controls kind of suck, so 2 wired controllers is the best bet. But it does divide up the keyboard too so that both players can play on one keyboard. It was awesome the first time I played with a friend because we were in the world map and I just said "Lets go pick up a quest in Bree" and fast traveled to Bree. I was jaw dropped for a good couple of minutes when only I traveled there and he stayed in the world map. Both players can play it in completely different sides of the world.

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@oldirtybearon: A bunch of the people working on this are people who worked on the original. Obsidian is focused on making their own game right now, but there are plenty of people at inXile that were originally with Black Isle Studios and worked on Planescape. Chris Avellone getting involved is amazing by itself.

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'Morning gents and gentlettes. I just started playing recently and am only level 21 right now, but it would be awesome to play with some fellow Giant Bomb duders. My favorite kind of sandwich involves turkey turkey turkey and muenster cheese and I would choose a knife over a bat.


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I beat it in a few days (long sessions though) but keep coming back and replaying the base take-overs over and over because they (and hunting) were the best part of the game. My only problem is that, on PC, uplay never connects for me, so I constantly am watching a screen trying to connect to the server for leaderboards for 30ish seconds until it reminds me that it failed almost every time I pause to go to the crafting menu or skills page. The server problems I've had are the only things making me stop really. I also didn't get credit for any of the achievements that award uplay points because of the server issues. Anyone know how to fix that? Google searches only shed light on people having the same issue when the game first released and it was supposedly fixed.

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My favorite part was when the Blizzard guy mentioned Rock & Roll Racing 2 and Ryan and quite possibly Jeff simultaneously went "Woo!" from opposite sides of the country and just happened to point at Ryan. Drive Club guy was pretty great too.

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@Phatmac said:

EA presents: Saints Row 4. :(

I heard your can change your dude to a lady for only 99 cents.

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Frameate issues on consoles asside, I thought 3 was the most fun gameplay and had the most beautiful landscapes of the series. The problem I had with its story did not come together at all in the end and most of the systems dont work well together (Such as giving you sidemissions in the homestead but not giving you any incentive to actually do them because its out in the middle of nowhere). It was a great game, but Ubisoft hyped it up to be way more than it ended up being. I still think it was a great game, but it was just such a huge let down because they could have done so much more with the story and made more of their systems play well together if they released early 2013 instead of sticking to their 1-a-year-AAA-titles policy that Ubisoft has.

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