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Not really sure. I watched Graveyard of the fireflies but found it more bleak than sad. There was no hope in that movie. It was more like "Ah fuck." every few minutes for me.

The ones that have gotten me closest that I can remember right now would probably be the Toy story movies as people have said and Up. The suicide tourist. Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind. maybe Spanglish. Not really sure

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Long live the Queen!

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Liara then Jack and I lost my save file so I need to play MS2 again to romance Jack in 3 even though Jack's dialogue is only 9 minutes in total in MS3. *sigh*

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Network. Tell everyone you know that you're looking for a job.

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"I think what's really missing from games coverage is 20somethings w humanties degrees offering business advice to multinational corporations."

Well that was a backhand to everyone with humanities degrees. Thanks for bringing attention to that tweet Patrick. I mean it's like someone with a journalism degree talking about the humanities.

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Terraria is my podcast game of the moment. Dungeons of dredmor was my previous one.

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I haven't done much writing but I devour any advice and tips on the subject. So... I'll just post some of the stuff I found and seemed like good advice.

Start writing. If you plan out the whole thing to the last detail then you won't actually want to write the damn thing. There are two types of writers, planners and explorers, but even if you are a planner like me...don't over plan. Write.

Tim Schafer goes over his writing process in the Broken Age documentary in the backer forum. He writes every morning in a notebook for at least an hour. It has to be uninterrupted and it doesn't matter what you write about. It can be ANYTHING! Grocery list? Your day? Strange musings on the past? ANYTHING! He finds it helps shake loose ideas. I never tried it but it seems interesting. He also suggests doing it first thing when you start your day. That way your mind isn't so cluttered.

Make your character want something, even if it's getting a glass of water.

If there's a gun in the first act then it has to shoot someone in the third. I don't necessarily agree with that but it's a common tip/rule that comes up.

Another piece of advice that comes up often is: Finish what you write. Even if it's shit. Finish it. It'll feel nice to get that accomplishment.

On Youtube, Story board is a really interesting webseries where writers discuss a different topic each week. It's hosted by Patrick Rothfuss.

A good podcast with writing advice is Writing Excuses. 15 minute podcasts and very interesting.

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Thanks guys. I'll try it out again this weekend.

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Hey so I bought the enhanced edition off steam during the summer sale and I'm having a lot of trouble getting into it.

I started a second character who's a dwarven defender. I'm familiar with Dnd a bit from playing pathfinder so I can muddle through the 1d4 stuff and have now figured out that you want a LOW number for AC.

My trouble is that my characters keep dying. I guess you're supposed to reload every time this happens because of the high gold cost to revive them. I'm just not seeing how that is fun, especially when there's about a 50% chance it'll happen every battle.

Should I just not care if they die? I seem to run across a new party member every few feet. My bard died and I was just like well...there was a ranger I just passed. I guess I'll take him afterall.

So yeah, am I missing something? I heard it gets a bit easier after a few levels. I'm running out of potions so maybe I should go back a town and buy some more of those...I don't know.

What do you guys find fun about the game because I'm wondering if maybe I should just move on.

Extra info: In my party right now I have 3 warriors, a druid, a mage, and a rogue. I try to keep the 3 warriors in front and almost everyone has a range weapon right now. My druid is the only one with a heal right now and is kinda useless other than that. I gave her throwing knives.