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Yeah risk adverse like Mike said. When this first started happening I remember a lot of people saying that it's because of the economy. Studios can't afford to take risks.

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Yeah watching hearthstone streamers can be helpful as well Trump, Kripp, Amaz, Hafu. They're all good to watch so you can see some more advanced play. Also you'll learn which cards are highly valued right now.

I think the solo adventures are good to go for. You're guaranteed new cards and some of them are quite good. Plus they're fun and you can't get those cards in packs. I'd say they can wait until you have most of the commons and rares in the game.

When you get enough dust to craft some legendaries I'd craft Ragnaros, Sylvanas, dr boom and the top legendary of your favourite class. I've only been able to make Rag but he is SUPER helpful. He's kind of like having an 8/8 charge minion that doesn't have to trade.

One big thing about this game and probably every ccg is knowing all the cards and when they can be played. That will help you a lot when you've done that but that will just come from playing more. EX: turn 7 against a mage don't put a lot of stuff down because they might have flamestrike. Or turn 10 against a priest, he might have a mind control so don't put anything super powerful down, if you can help it.

Then also later on knowing the metas is helpful. Right now Big Game Hunter is a must have for most decks because people are putting down a lot of stuff with 7 attack. Handlock, face hunter, and mech mage are the most popular decks right now.

Some cards that are great to start crafting: antique healbot, Big Game Hunter, annoy-o-tron, knife juggler, wild pyromancer(great for pally), Azure drake, Sludge belcher(amazing taunt), molten giant.

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I think I like putting some dance music on and playing some sort of mindless killing game or just some mindless game without the sound.

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If he doesn't want to play with you, he doesn't have to. If you don't want to play with him, you don't have to. If you want to play with him but are unwilling to change the difficulty, play a different game.

But know that with games and every social event, people are not obligated to play with you, so everyone should be having fun. So, compromise and try to reach a consensus on rules etc that works for everyone you're playing with. If this does not work, see my first paragraph.

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@corevi: I have no info but thanks for making this post. I had no idea that humble bundle also does comics.

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@kevin_cogneto: Yeah I remember that part being really weird too. I ended up playing that part really honestly and followed the guy into the bathroom to make sure he wasn't taking drugs and that saved this a bit...But yeah...no real world experience of the subject matter from the writer.

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@dudeglove@kevin_cogneto Thanks guys. I think my tastes fall more in line with yours than the people who put this game on their game of the year lists. I bought it on a sale but I don't think I'll continue on with it since, from what you've said, it doesn't seem to get better. The game rubbed me the wrong way as soon as I shot the guy in the beginning and it just restarted the game. Then when you choose your characters and it says something like 'are these those heroes?' I clicked 'no'. Apparently it was asking me if I wanted to choose different characters and I had to go through that sequence again. It really does feel like this is their first game and it probably is one of them. Hopefully they polish their next game up a bit.

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Does this game get any better? I'm on day...2 maybe. The publisher guy hooked me up with a quick job at the daily news. That part.

So far I've ran into a couple of false choices like at the very beginning I shot the guy. Then I needed to sign the contract.

I was also not excited when the game opened up into an old school rpg. 'You need to get money. Now get X from Y and maybe they'll give Z which you can then trade in for money!.' It just very much feels like someone's first game.

I guess there's the living food to mouth theme but it seems like Cartlife is a much better game that explores that theme. So yeah, does it get any better? Am I missing something? Also, is it very long? If it's short I might just blaze through it to see what the fuss is about.

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End of first season of the walking dead...

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So users are no longer allowed to wear underwear...hmm...