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So users are no longer allowed to wear underwear...hmm...

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This is why we need feminism. This shit has got to stop.

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I've seen it maybe...16 times I think I counted at one point.

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We have a very similar backlog. I'd vote for sleeping dogs being #1. It's mission based. I can't remember getting hungup anywhere. It might also be one of the shorter ones on your list.

I'd suggest playing rogue legacy at the same time. You could put in 1 or 2 runs a day and you'd eventually get to the end just by leveling. Maybe do the same with Antichamber.

Baldur's gate is really tough to get into. I'd suggest putting it at the bottom with the FF games. Same with the Souls games.

The rest is kind of a toss up. I haven't played all of them too. I will say that I found Alice real tough to get into as well. I even put it on easy just because I wanted the story. But best of luck.

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Uh the blowjob scene in Brown Bunny I think is pretty big but no one saw that movie so it's not really on the same level as Sharon stone. I think the biggest thing after Sharon stone besides Janet's boob was Halley Barry in Monster's ball. Oh and Jason Segel's dick in forgetting Sarah Marshal. And yeah sex tapes like you mentioned.

For the future I think the next big thing will either be vagina lips, like looking at the whole thing straight on. Or penetration, actually seeing it. There's pretty much everything else already in R movies or game of thrones.

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I'm just going to throw out some names here: Proteus, Terraria, Starbound, Minecraft, Mount and Blade Warband, Dungeons of dredmor, Skryrim.

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I don't know. They kinda have done endurance runs already since they "quit". Dark souls and Demon souls. Patrick's Spelunky and Binding of Isaac has been kind of a new take on that idea. VinnyVania. Patrick did the Blair Witch game. And there are probably others that I'm missing. A true endurance run that's every day starting from the beginning of the game? Maybe someday...maybe someday....

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Yeah...it definitely wasn't an "Oh Shit!" moment but fine. I'm sad we don't get to see more of a payoff from Oberyn's character but oh well. At least the fight scene was cool. I do agree with everyone about the "hey make all the interesting things happen in the last 5 minutes!" boat. I hate when shows do that because it makes the rest of the episode feel like filler and a waste of time.

There is a good thing about all these characters dying though. George RR Martin did mention that he often needs to kill characters to make room for new ones. So I'm excited to see who gets introduced. Maybe we'll get more of Brienne? More of Arya? And if "the imp" gets killed, who will take his place as fan favourite?

But yeah, hopefully they'll pick things up a bit. And a WHOLE episode of picking things up. Not just 5 minutes.

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East coast Beast coast Biggie 4 life!

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Yeah I'm not always the best at making new friends. But I do agree with what some people have suggested.

1. Joining a club, sport, or some activity you're interested in helps. Go there enough and you'll be a friendly face that's not so intimidating to talk to. I do Contra Dancing and met a bunch of people through there. Also joined a random Pathfinder group and met some people there too.

2.Work. As mentioned above. But...yeah work friends aren't always the best.

3. Roommates. Left to my own devices I would be a hermit so I generally try to have roommates, money reasons too ofcourse. Hopefully you find some good ones that you don't mind hanging around and they might have friends that come over and maybe you guys throw parties every once in a while. Many opportunities to meet new people there.

4. Very much the same as #1 but random groups. Try meetup.com, your local couchsurfing meetup, maybe there's something cool you see on a flyer where you can meet people. Many things you can try. I used to go to meetups in Montreal where you practice your French. Met a few people there.

But yeah, with anything it seems like someone needs to be vulnerable and reach out in order to cross from friendly person to actual friends. Being around long enough helps or just have something like a party or a bbq that you can invite them to where it doesn't matter if they showup or not. Or free beer...that helps too.