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Currently: Turn 8 Phase 2 (Movement)
Awaiting action from: Make_Me_Mad, Resident4t, Angelfan91, + 1 New Player 
(Movement phase! Remember that there is a snow storm going on, so you get 1 less movement point!
Carolyn is still unspoken for - if you're interested in jumping in, feel free to do so and post a set of valid movements for Carolyn!)

A gate to the Great Hall of Celano has appeared by the Historical Society building! A Cultist and a Nightgaunt have been spotting near the gate.
The investigators feel a sense of dread as two more clues to the horrors of Arkham disappear into the aether!
The Star Spawn moves towards Pete in the French Hill streets. 
The Cultist notices Harvey on the streets outside of the Historical Society, and moves in for an attack!
Icy Conditions put the Arkham streets on lockdown, making it more difficult to move about town.
The cold weather seems to have put a stop to the strange plague.
Something is amiss in the Silver Twilight Lodge. A clue has appeared there!
Rumors of the terrible experiment continue to spread through Arkham!
These rumors currently invove 1 monsters: a Ghost
TomWhitbrook is now the First Player.

Pete sneaks pass the Star Spawn and arrives at the Miskatonic University streets.
Amanda braves the snow and heads to Arkham Asylum.
Joe moves to Independence Square.

Jenny mutters a few words, and her right hand begins to glow with a comforting green glow. She touches her left arm and is healed, just a bit, for the moment.
- Jenny continues to explore the Plateau.
Vincent can still feel the curse working its terrible magic upon him.
Carolyn moves into the Miskatonic University streets.
- After spending some time among the student populace, Carolyn is intrigued about the strange rumours floating around campus. Tales of ghosts and odd cults are abundant, and a rational woman such as herself would normally dismiss such things, the horrors she has already faced warn her that there could be some credibility to these stories. She searches the campus for any events that seem unnatural, and quickly finds several disturbing truths about this place...
- Carolyn handily dispatches the Cultist, the Dimensional Shambler, and the Formless Spawn.

Currently: Turn 8 Phase 2 (Movement)
Awaiting action from: Make_Me_Mad, Resident4t, Angelfan91, + 1 New Player

The Ancient One:
Azathoth, the blind god, asleep at the centre of creation
Doom Track: 4 / 14
3 gates are currently opened.

Azathoth will awaken when his doom track fills to 14, or when 5 gates are opened simultaneously.
(There are other conditions too, but these two are the most relevent at this point)

The Investigators (First player of the turn bolded and underlined):
1. Izzyjam - Playing as Amanda Sharpe, a student haunted by disturbing dreams
2. Driadon - Playing the part of Joe Diamond, a tough-on-luck private eye
3. WitchHunter_Z - In the role of Jenny Barnes, the rich dilettante in search of her lost sister
4. Make_Me_Mad - Starring as the brilliant scientist Kate Winthrop
5. Resident4t - As Professor Harvey Walters, who came across distrubing findings in his research
6. Angelfan91 - As Doctor Vincent Lee, who has seen things much too dark, much too offen
7.       - Playing as Carolyn Fern, a psychologist with disturbed patients
8. TomWhitbrook - Stars "Ashcan" Pete, a drifter, with only his dog Duke for comfort
 (Please note that we're playing with only the basic game. The "Personal Stories" in the character pages don't apply!)

Current Possessions and Statuses: 









Other Info:
Locations, starting at the first White (Downtown) area at the top left of the board, going clockwise:
Also don't forget to check out the wiki site for tons of info!

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