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@StarvingGamer said:

"Also does that color option make him look like an old-timey newspaper comic in motion to anyone else?"

I would pay good money for a black and white color option dlc for the entire cast.
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Yes, I realise that this is a year-old thread, but I'm having just too much fun :D
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@ape_dosmil: Well, that was fast!
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  I think I just told the internet that I have the musical tastes of a 15 year old girl. 
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@Dany: Makes sense for Dale's situation. He feels like he's, to use a phrase, too old for this shit. His wife's dead, and he hasn't mentioned that he had any children. If carrying on living means just barely surviving in a diseased world without the one person that he really cares about... might as well end it quickly.
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@Dany said:
more fight between Dale, Andrea
Hands down best pair in the series, for both TV and comic.
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@TheFreeMan: While the Jennings theory is totally valid, I'm more in the camp of...
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@DarwinFish:  Whoa whoa whoa, spoiler tag!
The season finale was a little bit underwhelming. It's difficult to really pull off the level of humanity that's shown in the comics. The scenes with human drama are definitely the best thing about the series, but I suppose that doesn't really appeal to as much of the general TV viewing public. But even so, I'm looking forward to the second season.
"It never should be, son. It never should be."
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While there are other options out there, you can't go wrong with WACOM. The Intuos will last you from introductory all the way up to the professional level and more, should you choose to stick with it for that long.
As for the size, unless you're really gestural when you draw, you'll probably get used to the Small, and love how portable it will be compared to the bigger ones.

My first tablet was a Graphire 2 from way back in 2000. It worked marvelously until one night a couple of years ago, when it was accidentally dropped and kicked across the damn office. Long story. I'm sure it would've lasted a lot longer if that hadn't happened. WACOM makes good stuff.

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