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Start with 3. A lot of people that will recommend 4 haven't even played 3. It has a serious story compared to 4, and as someone who likes darker games, 3 was better than 4 for me.

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Witcher 3 by a long shot. Dragon Age felt incomplete, lacked any redeeming characters, and had a useless story to boot. Personal preference here, but I also enjoy the Witcher's combat far more than Dragon Age's.

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It will definitely run and look better on your PC over console. Also, why would you not prefer 60fps, mods, and variable graphics settings over a locked platform? Get the pc version.

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I don't regret getting my vita, but there are definitely more games on the 3ds than the vita that are applicable to me. It's just a question of which games you want.

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I use the Logitech G430's right now because it was only $40, and they do the job quite well. I know my dad has the Logitech G930 and he says he loves that. You could be hard pressed to find something that will conveniently work with a PS4 and a pc. I would never touch the PS4 gold headset, way too much gimmick going on there.

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I always prefer a single card over sli, but if you're going for high resolutions and really want to crank up settings to max then go with the sli 970's.

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PC is the better option looking at games per platform and price per game. Upgrade graphics card

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When they announced this I was very skeptical, but I'm super hyped for this now. Persona music is always great ^.^

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I've been trying my hand at it and I can't quite get it right. Such a difficult facial structure to replicate.

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I'm not paying for a game I already I own. I'll grab it when it's $5 on a steam sale. Maybe.