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*project beast intensifies*

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@heartagram: Exact same problem here lol. I'm in the middle of like 8 games right now and any of them with a plot get shoved to the side because i don't remember the plot

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@mooseymcman: If you've ever played a game at 30fps and then switched over to 60fps, the difference is startling. It makes for a much more immerse experience. I did it with Dark Souls 1 and 2 on my 360 vs my pc and the difference was huge.

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PS3 has a lot more rpg's than xbox does because most jrpgs are only developed for ps3. I'm kicking myself for buying an xbox instead of a ps3 right now because of it.

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I'm really sketchy about buying this game. I really enjoy rpg's, but I enjoy them primarily for the diverse combat and well told story with a more serious tone. Then again i'm aching for an rpg, especially on my ps4. My ps4 has been a coaster since infamous.

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Watchdogs, Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Finals suck

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Started reading these, and through going to the book store to buy the next books in the series I found a whole section of fantasy books that were similar. Just go to your local book store and find your favorite genre and peruse the section.

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Omg. Yes please. Please be Demon's Souls 2. The world needs it. Did anyone notice the mouse sitting on the right side of every picture though? What's up with that?

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Between school, work, homework, and gaming I stay up until late hours of the night even when I shouldn't. Only get about 5 hours of sleep a night. Monster is my friend

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