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I don't regret getting my vita, but there are definitely more games on the 3ds than the vita that are applicable to me. It's just a question of which games you want.

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I use the Logitech G430's right now because it was only $40, and they do the job quite well. I know my dad has the Logitech G930 and he says he loves that. You could be hard pressed to find something that will conveniently work with a PS4 and a pc. I would never touch the PS4 gold headset, way too much gimmick going on there.

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I always prefer a single card over sli, but if you're going for high resolutions and really want to crank up settings to max then go with the sli 970's.

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PC is the better option looking at games per platform and price per game. Upgrade graphics card

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When they announced this I was very skeptical, but I'm super hyped for this now. Persona music is always great ^.^

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I've been trying my hand at it and I can't quite get it right. Such a difficult facial structure to replicate.

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I'm not paying for a game I already I own. I'll grab it when it's $5 on a steam sale. Maybe.

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PSN: Purefury123

get hype

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I've learned that failure is never the end-it is simply an experience to learn from. Also, if you bother someone enough with stupid questions you get to have sex.

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They expect you to pay $60 for 5 hours of gameplay, 3 of which are QTEs. Screw that. Standards have gone way up in games, and even the oldest games had more gameplay to offer than 1886 had. Seriously, I'd have more fun playing pong.