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This is advertising plain and simple.

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If you don't have a decent pc, then I would say yea, definitely worth the purchase. The next gen consoles allowed the graphics to be what they were intended to be.

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Kind of. But honestly it's the type of advertising I want as a gamer. I want to be shown what is out there, so I'm happy to watch "ads".

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@mooninaut: Understandable. I guess it comes down to which franchises or companies you follow for your primary games, and for me they all went down the toilet, like Ubisoft.

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Besides Dark Souls 2, I haven't spent much time on any game that has released this year. Mainly spent a bunch of time going back and playing older games like Mass Effect and Skyrim. What are your feelings on this?

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I already have. Based on what happened with unity, I'm glad I did. Pre-ordering is useless, and you should never give money for a product that you have very little information about.

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For all the people saying you don't need more than 8gb of ram, don't listen to them. We are reaching that point where 8gb is borderline and 16gb is the way to go to make sure you arn't bottlenecking yourself. Also future proofs yourself. Otherwise, cool beans on the build.

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You may want to get a different type of 970. I haven't heard anything about twin frozr, but I have heard that msi and gigabyte cards are doing well compared to the others. Just keep in mind that the gigabyte cards are longer.

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It was fun for a time, but the multiple enemies for difficulty thing and reuse of the same enemies reskinned lead to me being very disappointed. They missed the mark that dark souls 1 hit, and I hope Bloodborne rejuvenates the franchise for me.