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I like this idea a lot. However, I wouldn't necessarily use this as a final reference or anything just yet. I'll wait till more data is gathered. It would have to be a substantial amount of matches to more truly reflect where characters belong in terms of rank. Even then I would take into account all updated versions of the current tier lists and see how they mesh. It's a testament to the balance of this game that opinions are so varied in my opinion.

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Identify your worst general Super Street Fighter IV gameplay habits. 
Mine are:
-Mashing option select tech. I eat at least 2 more combos then I should.
-Jumping in on good players. I'm a scrub.
-Being unable to identify my own patterns. I often get whiff punished.

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On the subject of wanting to get better. Some people just want to play for fun and to not get better. If you ask me. I think even if they do want to get better it doesn't help to get stomped if they're not retaining any kind information as to why they lost. You mentioned that if they didn't want to play higher level people they shouldn't make it public. Some people don't have people they normally play with locally or even online. It makes sense that you would get kicked if they don't want to play someone with a skill level as high as yours. 

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I usually try to take away something from that match if I take a loss. It's a huge learning experience playing someone way better then you. I usually don't acknowledge winning or losing though if game conditions are laggy though. I can't bring myself to thinking I won that match because if I play that person local things may be way different.

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On a modern monitor it's not going to lag in 1080p. Looks fantastic as well.

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ggs everyone!

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Yo Flux where you at?

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@Icil said:
" Hooray, more dicks than answers. Thanks, SFIV forum.  To be brutally honest, the matchmaking system in Super is not great (nor was it in the original). It may be an unsolvable problem, but the game will pair you with shitty players and pros often, and to be successful at all online you have to learn to at least stand up to some of the better players (or spammers).  The easiest way to beat a spammer or camper is to just do the same. It sucks to say that, but SFIV is more memory+skill rather than just skill, and it isn't a full rock-paper-scissors where you always have options to beat your opponent's options. Chances are, the spammer is spamming a move that is either quick to recover or has a large hit radius (or both). When I counter a spammer's move, I instinctively try to put some variety back in the game, only to get stuffed by a spammed attack again. You just have to stoop to their level, unfortunately. When you find a counter to some spammer's arsenal, you have to be prepared to spam that counter =/  Fast moves vs. people who spam things like jabbing or hadoken, big special moves against people who spam things like blanka's ball, honda headbutt, etc. "
Dude didn't ask for help. First post was straight up whining.
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@EightBitShik: @Stang: 
Gambit and Canadian Bacon can team up then.
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@luce said:
" @j0nnyDiGITAL:
You commented about me have a lot of posts on this forum, its because 90% of it is uncensored, lighthearted comments (most of them silly) that are quickly thought of right after reading the topic   "Holy shit  People are taking this game way too seriously" is exactly what ran through my head after reading the topic...and some people agree  I wasn't trying to offend anyone but i wasnt trying not to either. Its what i think.   I don't have to reword anything to keep you out of the redzone, call me what you want "
Fair enough. It came off as judgmental, but if it's not that's reasonable to say what you feel.