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Both babes and all that crap.

I dont need to be marketed to, I just wanna see new games and ideas.

Although i can live with the babes if i have too.

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Wow it is.

KOF '98 is coming to XBLA 9th March.

Didnt know, cant wait,  hope it comes to europe.

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I love this game, just wish they would redo it for 360 as I got rid of my PS2 a long time ago.

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Just to get this out the way first.

I dont like Mac or Apple product.

But unfortunatley I have to work with them, I am an IT Technician working at a medium size college where all the department who are evn the slightest bit artsy "Must have Apple Product".

So unlike most anti 'Apple' hate boys, I actually have ground for my dislike as I use them most days.

I would never buy a mac with an eye on gaming, even if they where a cheaper option (lol, that one made me laugh)
I do however game on a laptop, Im a big pc gamer, and i like my high res, high detail games. I think for the most part (everything apart from the absolutely top end) you are able to get a laptop that will match any PC, which is what I find with mine as it out performs any PC i have found other than the brand new XPS system they have just got for my Game Development Degree course.

Although if you do want to game on the go you are gonna have to pay a HUGE premium for it. At the time of purchase for my laptop Im sure i wouldave been able to get an equally powerful PC for half the price.

So it all comes down to the following things.

Do you wanna look 'cool' playing ZUMA = Buy a Mac.

Do you wanna play Crysis whenever and wherever you want = Buy a high end laptop for about the same amount as a Mac Book Pro.

Or do you just wanna play on you own = Buy a Gaming PC for about half the price.