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It would be nice,  but not something I would be interested in unless I could continue my PC game on it,  which is never going to happen. 
I can see them releasing either a beefed up version of their mobile game or another spin off type game which doesn't really give you the full experience.

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If its just going to be a file server type thing which downloads its content, then an atom based board is fine and uses very little power.

I have a ZOTAC board the DTX-mini I think it is. Has an dual core intel atom (without HyperThreading) and 2GB Ram, the board has a total of 6 sata ports, 2 primary, then 4 which use a on board controller.

I run a basic file server with the following running, Sab, SickBeard, CouchPotato and Headphones.

If thats the kinda thing your after then the atom boards are more than powerful enough.

this is the board i use


its also fanless. that board, with 4 large HDD uses about 50-60 Watts between idle and peak in total.

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it just wont get updated to trhe latest version, you will still be able to play

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your theory is that buying two high end GPU's works out cheaper than buying one Top end card. 
Sorry, but that logic just wrong, GPU prices do not rise so exponentially to support that argument. 
I Bought my nVidia GTX295 when it was the top card, bought for £350, two other high end cards would be £200 each. 
My GTX295 is still playing new games on top settings, so where you would have upgraded your GPU I wouldn't, and thus you would have spent £50 more than me. 
Spending a little bit extra now, can save you money in short term upgrades down the line
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Yeh, its best to do all at once, otherwise your left buying components that are compatible with your current system, rather than best in class. 
A complete rebuild of top drawer components should easily last 4 years, for 2 of those years you will be playing almost every new game on absolute top settings. 

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i dont use cards, but the prepaid cards are for PSN credit, not ps3 or psp credit,   but PSN credit, so they are all fine,  if in your local store they actually say ps3 or psp on the cards, its purely for marketing purposes and the PS3 brand is much more well known over the simple PSN branding.

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Yeh I don't think XBL will be shut down for a long time, there is no need for them to do so. 
And if the ever do, they will first patch the 360 to be aware of it and to make sure it keeps the patches permanently (although I didn't realise they ever did delete on the own anyway) .

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Yes of course they will. 
They not for the PSP, or PS3 but rather they are for PSN, which is shared across all devices.

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Garrus, Jack and Tali

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The term sandbox game is very vauge and genre crossing, im guessing you wanted more fps style games, but here is a list of my game which are either pure sandbox, or can be if you set the opponents and game up right.

Universe Sandbox (look on steam)

Tropico series

Sid Meiers Railroad


Railroad Tycoon

CivCity Rome

Cities XL (sim city ect)

Anno series (1404 is my fav)