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Good. First it's discounts on games, next it's subscribe and get exclusive X or early access to X or some other bullshit and then it's every publisher around doing it and before you know it we've got even more content locked away behind a paywall.

EA has never done anything good for the consumer they wont start with this.

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Dudes just convinced the rest of them to play mario party. Hes good in my book.

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I'd be a lot more into these games if i could just use the characters without having to buy toys for them. I'm 25 years old. I get some people still collect them but I'm not one of them. They wont be on display on my shelf I'd rather not have them at all.

Course then they can't charge silly money to buy dlc.

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I sure hope so. He doesn't get enough attention. Dudes pretty gangstaaa.

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Spain, France, Germany, Holland, Belgium, Italy, Vatican city, Malta, Cyprus, Egypt, Tunisia and England if you're counting place of birth.

Going to Greece in 2 weeks, back to Germany in october and next year I'm hoping to get to Portugal, Iceland and amsterdam. Hungary too if i can fit in the time.

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I'd really like to see an australian on here. I don't think australians are represented enough. I'd also love for them to higher someone over hte age of 60 because theres lots of games for old people and nobody is talking about it. So crazy.

Not only that we have to seriously consider the largest population on earth; China. WHY are there no chinese speaking game reporters? Theres over a billion of them giantbomb i mean HELLO?? Just higher one so we can get his point of view. I don't care what typical white guys say. There a dime a dozen i want a chinese one. Hopefully female chinese. Female, chinese and in a wheelchair would be perfect. Can we all please just stop being racist i thought this site was different.

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wait is dan official as the new hire now? not the first time i've seen someone just out and say he is.

have to listen to this one, i never doubted brad's ability. :)

Don't think he is but should be. Good addition.

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Did anybody else find it a complete chore after getting the four souls? Found the game dragged.

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I haven't. In fact i dumped all my titanite into the first weapon i found that i liked stuck with it throughout and just swapped armour when i find something better.

Don't need armour the secret is to not get hit.

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