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Dan is a perfect reason to have 24/7 non-stop GB streaming. I want to hear his opinion on everything. He is absolutley brilliant. If you're reading this keep being you.

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@cornbredx: Aha! Right now i see. Has to be part 5. Good man, cheers.

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@mortface said:

That trick isn't working for me. :-( It says Failed - Network error.

Me neither. Am i doing something wrong?

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Anything with Patrick in it i avoid. Avoid wrestling too. And kinda related but i absolutely hate pax.Not being funny but how many people actually went to there pax panel? A few hundred? This site must get tens of thousands of hits. The whole thing shuts down during pax and it's dead. No real content what so ever besides there private party thing.

Jeff talking about going on tour sounds fucking horrible. A minority will gain from it but the majority will see less content.

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I've heard people being called pedos and now rapists. Great. Not only is this blown way out of proportion it's a little fucking ignorant of people to compare this with something like rape.

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Loved all 3 of those games. Didn't think much of the last one and ubi seems to have gone in a different direction since/

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This'll come to other consoles/pc like every other "exclusive" I can wait. Never even finished the last one.

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Yup. Make it happen. Also more mario party.