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This is the worst. Thoughts with his friends and loved ones. He will be deeply missed.

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I got this, bounty notice said for stealing cabbages! Harsh as fuck!

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98. Getting really really drunk may induce impromptu weddings

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3 days a week, then play 5 a side football on Sundays.

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I remember playing Legend of Mir (for those not in the know its an MMORPG) in the beta phase and convincing people that if you hit the guards they would die instantly and you got loads of experience. In reality the guard would kill you instantly in one hit after you hit them first and when you died in that game you dropped a random item you were carrying. Was very fun :D

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Boy off Noby-Noby boy.

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Saaaaaay whuuuuuut? 
 If it gets me playing a real guitar i'm in!

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This guy wins all my internets for a week!

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Cried? at a game? nahh mate i'm a MAN! 
I only cry when my games don't work lol

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What a retarded discussion! Never-the-less I must get involved. 
If you play games people are going to label you as a gamer. If your not happy with this then tough luck buddy! 
On the other hand if you want a word to describe yourself instead of gamer, may I suggest whiner?

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