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Any hope for a Swat 5 cause this game is awsome.

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That's what I figured

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I love the show. Has anyone played the game? Is it worth it?

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Did anyone else when playing just stay in Mos Espa and fight the police GTA style?

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"Who ever said the pen was mightier than the sword, onviously has never encountered automatic weapons."- COD4 quote.

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This game reminds me of planetside, I hope the gameplay runs a little better though...

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I had a decent amount of fun with the game. But it is by no means perfect. It's mindless fun though it does get pretty frustrating at some point. Worth a rent though to see what it could have been.

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Does any one else feel that this game had far too many invisible walls that shouldn't have been there. Made the game far too linear.

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Gotta love unloading a clip of bullets from the Black Tail with a 36 round mag into a hoard of infected villagers.