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Since the new layout change I cant find how to add to my lists.

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Yeah just updated my build so all of these should run now.

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So I finally beat one of my favorite FPS' Breakdown. This was a really cool and interesting game when it first came out on the xbox in 2004. Featuring full body awareness (was it the first?) like when you back flip, punch, kick, all is pretty realistic and seen through the main character Derick's eyes and there's First person soda drinking, burger eating, and 3D Vomit! but besides all that neat stuff this is a good game with with pretty cool and weird story line with mutants, super powers and epic boss fights. Not wanting to spoil anything Id say if you want to know more check out its page and pick it up. It really is a must play. 4/5

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@Wicked_Wumpus: I used to play the demo a lot but never did get around to getting a Gamecube to play the whole series. now that i have dolphin I'll probably check it out again.

: added that in my want to check out list. it does look good.

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@eskimo: Agreed. Got it on the xbox. Pretty fun.

and i was wondering do yall think Daikatana is as bad as it sounds?

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First person adventure would be be Myst, Amnesia, The Neverhood, etc

Metroid prime is a First person shooter (FPS). so when i think adventure i think minimum combat.

@Brodehouse Ive played portal and have been wanting to check out amnesia having played the penumbra games.

Zeno Clash looks pretty fun. i'll check it out and The Ball looks pretty cool.

Metro looks like it would be a good time and S.T.A.L.K.E.R

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@Hizang: Ive Played it a few times.

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Looking for more FPS or First person adventure games that i may have missed or independent ones i haven't heard of that are are like or maybe similar to the impressiveness that Breakdown and Mirrors Edge has or maybe first person adventures i haven't come across.

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This and Rachet and Clank were my first.