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Not too shabby. Only two games from my list made it on but both were in the top 4. Although I love how the high fantasy genre is pretty much dominating the list. Still I feel that this year was kind of barren for releases hopefull 2015 will be much richer in titles to choose from.

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2 day encore from here people, if it wasn't on a flash, community or daily deal it's all fair game now.

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As odd as it sound I want to play some Sonic games so if any of those come up at <£5 I'll bite.

As for new stuff maybe if Tales from the Borderlands or Game of Thrones gets a decent enough deal I'll get them, although I personally don't want to have to wait for all the episodes to come out, so it depends on my mood at the time.

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Well, I submitted my list, although it's subject to change based on whether I actually get round to playing Alien Isolation, Dragon Age or one of the two Assassin's Creed games bfore the end of the year.

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@jclane: Get a trusted brand for your PSU seriously it's not fun if what is essentially the simplest compodent messes up your system because it melts or fries.

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I kind of got way to caught in the hype surrounding the release of TWDS2 and TWAU that this time I'm just going to wait for the whole season to come out before buying (or at least until the first major sale for the season pass).

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I haven't had any experience with Uplay on the PC to date (although Blacklist is in my backlog) but I'm not so annoyed about Ubisoft launching their own client, but that I can see a future where my PC will just be cluttered with multiple clients which will be some what of an inconvience.

I would expect Activision is already planning theirs, Rockstar is kind of on the way with their Social Club, as is Warner Bros with WB Games, then Capcom will want one and Square Enix and so forth.

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Tesla Effect... wow, I mean I joked last year that it would but I didn't actually thing that almost nine months into the year it would be looking like a serious contender to be my favourite release of 2014.

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Shenmue 3, Half-Life Opposing Force 2 and a proper conclusion to Prince of Persia 2008 and Alan Wake.

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I bought a 3ds xl not that long ago... This is somewhat irritating especially since one of the reasons I ended up buying one is because I remember one of the press releases for the XL stated that they wern't going to add a second analouge stick to future 3ds because it would alienate those who bought the circle pad pro. The exclusive to this version only thing could be a killer too unless this will be something only supported for a few games that I won't end up playing.

I also don't get the whole Nintendo have done this will all their handhelds every one is stating. Yes, Nintendo always did slight modifications on the original design as such:

  • Game Boy had the Pocket (and the Light if you lived in Japan)
  • The Game Boy Color only had one iteration
  • The GBA had the SP and Micro
  • The original DS had the Lite, DSi and DSiXL
  • The 3DS before now also had the XL and 2DS

Before now the worst deal buyers got what they had a version that was less appriopriatly sized or had a few features missing that more or less had minimal impact on the game side of things. Never before have earlier adopters been locked out of content for their console because a new version has a better cpu.

Nintendo should have either just done this as a new console or kept the same specs.