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@thunderslash: An interesting question. The movie, I will admit is not great, but does have some interesting tibits of information stored in it.

The first 30 minutes or so covers the murder investigation that took place before Laura Palmer's. Unfortuantly due to reasons Dale Cooper is only briefly in this segment and the actors for this part are Chris Isaccs and Kiefer Sutherland, who in my opinion do an OK job.

The remaining movie pretty much shows you Laura Palmer in her last days. It's somewhat interesting and if you remember some rather obscure lines for the series then you'll be quite impressed how tight nit the continuity is. However, unlike the series this part of the film is very dark and rather depressing. There is very little of the lighter side of Twin Peaks in this movie.

I'd say give it a watch at the very least (and there is a small amount of the film that takes place after the series but nothing groundbreaking) and come to a final conclusion on your enjoyment of watching it.

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Rumour has it that the author of the Fable comics didn't like how the story was going to unfold, so Telltale ultimately decided to re-write the entire plot. Personally I think this shows if it is true. Episode 1 felt so much more like a regular adventure game (at least by Telltale standards) by having you collect clues and the game having something of an non-linear narrative.

The rest of the episodes however are a lot closer to Telltale's Jurrassic Park where there was less investigative gameplay and more of a get from point a to b quickl as possible thing going for it. It was so quick to just get you onto the next part of the story or action scene.

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@gunslingerpanda: Apparently it's explained in the comics that you are as resilient as your Fable.

So the Woodsman is pretty invincible from the fact that Red Riding Hood is one of the most popular stories in the world. Georgie on the other hand isn't as well known thus he can die from less abuse.

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@pantzing_nome: Plays just as well as the original, in some ways what made its way into the game's story is better than the original with a rather broad outlook on the whole good vs evil nature of the force.

Unfortunately the story is incomplete and ends rather abruptly. Although supposedly a lot of this has been modded back into the game (haven't played the mods unfortunately).

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Well some of the Daily Deals that just turned up seemed a bit crooked.

Bioshock Infinite is £9.99 when I think I've already seen the Triple Pack done for that price in the sale.

Final Fantasy VII at £6.99 when I bought it for £3.75 as part of the community sale a couple of days ago.

Counter Strike GO being advertised in the Daily deal at £8.03 which is has been since the beginning of the Summer Sale (I've had it in my wishlist).

Also Tomb Raider being £7.49 in the community sale when a couplke of days agoo it was £3.74 in the daily deal or £6.49 for the GOTY edition.

EDIT: ....and they've just knocked down all the games I just mentioned....

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No, I can't justify the price of this particullar installment when no doubt a year after MGS 5 has released (and maybe not even that much) a complete package will be released.

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I love see how varied everyone's lists are. I look forward to the end results.

BTW, I'm already betting that Tex Murphy: Tesla Effect will top my 2014 list. :D

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Donkey Kong Country 2 on SNES. I was on one of the last worlds (hard to remember which one) and in a moment of rage, threw the control, which landed squarely on the reset button. Upon getting to the game select menu the save was no more.

Then there was the time I got to the third disc of Final Fantasy VII and kept getting errors when I loaded my save.

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Failed the first time because I had a brain fart and almost pulled out in front of another car on a roundabout. Failed the second time too, because I hit the curb when doing a three point turn.