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You don't understand, I need that hoodie immediately!!!

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I know the Giant Bomb crew checked out this game at some point in a video last year. I can't remember if it was a Random PC feature or a general Sega CD show. I'm having trouble searching for it in the videos section; does anyone have a link to the show this game was featured in?

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Can anyone help me locate the episode and/or time they make a joke about cinco de mayo mayonnaise? 

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 is that... green man? ON THE MOON!?!

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Hey duders, I only own a laptop and I plan on buying a new desktop to play games like Crysis and upcoming games like Dragon Age, other than that I'd be using it to write papers and school work. This is the first PC I'll be building myself and I was hoping you folks could look at the parts I was planning on buying and getting your approval. I would like to keep it around $1200. Also, I know it's probably a good idea to buy the warranty for my motherboard but should I buy the warranty for the speakers and keyboard too?
Motherboard - $110
CPU - $184
Graphics Card - $163
Hard Drive - $75
RAM - $54
Monitor - $215
Speakers - $24
Keyboard - $59
Mouse - $40
Mouse Pad - $14
OS - $110
Case - $110
 Total - $

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I thought i heard some time ago that a Vegas DLC was going to be their last one, i assume that's not happening?

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Hey duders, i came across this mod that allows higher resolutions from the capped 800x600. I'm playing it at 1280x800 on my laptop and it's fantastic! Definitely lit that fire for me to start playing again. Not sure if you can play on battle.net with this, I've only been playing single player. Also, it's not a key logger or anything malicious. Link below =)

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 Hello, my xbox360 is broken and i don't own fallout3. I think i should i win.

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This isn't too suprising, a college in Berkeley has/had a starcraft class.