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@sterling: uk store updates wednesday.. :(

Ah, sorry then man. I didn't mean to toy with your emotions.

Really hate the PS network only does one update a week. Guess I'll try downloading the PC demo, though I wanna see it on my flatscreen and PS4 stuff.

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The only new game I've played has been Infamous Second Son, with studying abroad all I've had time for/wanted was NBA 2K with my roommates, and I haven't played any new games since I got home in May..

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I have Weimann! He is on my bench! Giroud is starting! Yay!

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Fuck everyone involved with this. Loved the reboot.

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If the reviews sound appealing, it will be Unity. As of right now, probably neither.

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Haven't played one since Brotherhood which I stopped playing half way through, but this might get me back in. Paris is a damn awesome city (I've been there a few times) and a cool setting for this game.

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Double Meat, no onions

Fries, well done

Strawberry shake

Self loathe.

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You guys are soulless, it's the best movie.

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Ratchet and Clank, not even close. Perfect combination of action, platforming, humor and crazy guns and stuff.