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Top Gear was consistently the most entertaining show on, so yes, I am very excited for this.

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Sooooo, I played the PS4 version and the framerate, mostly in the middle of the city in the desert, is so god damn awful the game is basically unplayable.

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Sports games. Always sports games.

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Disappointed, maybe the whole movement thing isn't as cool anymore because a bunch other games do it now, and I actually think it felt much better in Black Ops 3 compared to this, to me at least. Played a bunch of the first game at a friends house and loved it, not the same feelings for this one so far.

The maps also seem... not great. A game about movement and the maps doesn't seem to encourage that much, if at all. I want to chain crazy wall runs and tight jumps, but I am not really able to do that. As people have mentioned, it seems a little slow and controls doesn't seem as tight as I would like either.

It's definitely not bad, it's kinda fun but yeah, glad they had this test though because it made me kinda sure not to get it.

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I am, but I have no money for a game of this type, sadly.

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@carryboy said:

If anyone has a spare eu code for any system I would be very grateful.

This should be an EU code for PS4 for anyone who wants it

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@johnymyko said:

Speaking of fans of the old one, there's a really nice easter egg on the first hour of the game: right before you walk through the vent to go talk with Birdman, you'll walk inside a section that looks exactly like a mirrored copy of a section from early on the original Mirror's Edge, there's even a runner's bag on the same spot! It was a neat throwback and you can't miss that section since it's the only path you can take to get to the waypoint and activate the cutscene.

Noticed that too, loved it.

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Played roughly an hour of it, and I reaaaaaallly liked it, honestly more than I expected. Was very much in doubt about the open world, but it feels great though there are some moments where you run yourself into a corner or get completely lost, but that doesn't matter because the movement feels fantastic as it did back in the first game, maybe even better. I didn't like that they locked some movement options behind XP walls raise feet while jumping, 180 spin and the roll being three of them, used those a ton in the first game, and it kinda makes the game a little worse.

I even thought the fighting seemed cool, certainly felt better than it looked, though it was a little clumsy at spots, but an upgrade over the first game. Story didn't do anything for me, and there was more of it.

Music didn't feel as distinct/present as the first game, which is the only game I've ever bought the soundtrack for. I completely loved that and the theme song.

Not sure I have the money to buy this at full price at launch, which makes me sad, because I would love to support it if the games continues being this much fun throughout.

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Just got an email with my code, downloading right now!!

Really interested in seeing what the game is like, and if I am still interested. Mirror's Edge was among my absolute favorites from the last generation of consoles, and I've been waiting for another ever since I finished the first game, but I am unsure if it's still something I would be into, my time for games and taste in them has changed quite a bit since the original.

I also got an extra code, so I guess you can share with friends, which I think is dope!

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@jacdg: It's super short compared to everything else, but it's my favorite PS3 Ratchet and Clank. It has more subtle humor that the first PS2 games had.

Yeah I know it is, still looking forward to it. I didn't play games for about 7 months when it came out, then I got a PS4 and kinda forgot about it, sadly. Beat the other games multiple times on both PS2 and PS3. I need my R&C fix.