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@winsord: He has also said the same thing with a different spin on it every so often. It usually generates the same kind of "White male privilege" which can borderline on the ignorance of Dan's own original statement, face it folks it's not fair when people reduce all of his accomplishments down to his skin colour and gender.

When he says it's more enjoyable to ignore politics, it ignores the fact that a lot of people don't have that luxury.

I enjoy ignoring criminals. Am I disrespecting or failing to recognize those who were robbed?

Of course not.

Sometimes the people on this site... I mean even in a thread specifically about dumb statements, somebody wants to politicize it. NEOGAF 2.0.

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@brianp: I remember that Terminator game. I really wanted it because it was from Bethesda and was running on, I believe, the Daggerfall engine.

Had it not been for this game, I would have deeply regretted owning a launch PS2 for the first two years.

Thank you so much for posting this.

I have never wanted a sequel so badly. This is the only game I've ever downloaded an emulator for. 10/10 game for me.

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Is Gaintbomb a body building website?

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I used to watch a lot, but I've recently let my subscription lapse for the first time since you could subscribe. I've had an account here since day one, but recently I just don't consume anything on the site.

This year has been so different for Giantbomb. I don't think it is what it was when I first hopped on board the crazy ride 5 years ago. I think whatever Giantbomb ends up evolving into from here, I won't like it. I have a suspicion that eventually the crew will make all video content under Gamespot, and Giantbomb will remain solely as a wiki/forum.

But I could guess at the financial and corporate side of things all day, the truth that's hard for me to admit is that I don't feel the energy here anymore. I wish all the best for the guys and the community, but I'm not sure how long it will sustain itself in its current state.

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That's not exclusive to PC gaming.

Also that's not irony.

But maybe now I'll think about picking up Blacklist.

Yes, it is exclusive to PC gaming.. Big developers don't release busted console games. Certainly not to the extent that it happens in PC gaming. And it is ironic that the one of the most loved and trusted developers would release a busted game within weeks of Ubisoft actually trying on PC. My expectations were flipped, that's irony. Thanks for playing though.

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I recently acquired two games for the PC.

First, SC:Blacklist, which I had zero hype for and my friend gave me a code for because he had no interest in playing.

Second, Rome 2: Total War. A game which I pre-ordered and have been hyped for like a 9y/o on xmas eve since I played Rome 1.

What did I get? Simultaneous extremes of surprise and disappointment. Blacklist is, in my opinion, the best PC title Ubisoft has put out since Chaos Theory. On the other hand, Rome 2 is the biggest pile of dysfunctional garbage CA has ever fucked its loyal and small fan base into buying.

What did I learn? Never pre-order again, and never trust trailers. Took me long enough I guess. Oh well, at least both games aren't shit. And maybe Rome 2 will be patched out of Alpha stage.

PC gaming, you can love it or hate it, but it keeps you on your toes.

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Turn your resolution and AA and AS down, and your vsync and depth of field and crazy smoke/shadow effects off. Grab the latest NVIDIA drivers and try with smaller unit sizes.

Apparently you're the only one in this thread who has played a TW game before.

If it's running slow, manipulate the settings until something works. Also, you don't NEED 60fps in R2.

Creative Assembly always release games poorly optimized, shouldn't be surprised really, but it still stinks!

How exactly are you able to claim this game is poorly optimized? Please fill me in, because this is the only title with this engine currently on the market. It isn't like a bad port in Unreal 3. This is probably the most advanced game currently on the PC in terms of raw scale and fidelity. So relative to what game, is this game badly optimized?

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The first mangled blue screen of death that appeared on my recently-built PC went to Splinter Cell Conviction just a few days ago, so I'm a little cautious of picking this up, let alone due its price (I usually buy things on sale) and supposed bad performance on PC despite your praise for it. Saying it's even better than Chaos Theory is almost forgoing my usual buying process as that was the last game I truly enjoyed in the series, and want more of it now before I move on to other games.

I couldn't care less about multiplayer however, and that seems to be the main focus and draw of the game to you. As long as it's more like Chaos Theory where handling things is a bit more methodical in single-player rather than a full-blown shootout like in Conviction, call me pretty damn excited.

Say, is there a whistle key to draw guards to you?

I have had some crashing issues in Spies vs Mercs after about an hour play session. Disabling dx11 helps a lot. However, I have had zero crashes or performance issues in coop or campaign.

My issue seems to be exclusive to SvM. And yes, "z" will taunt a guard to come over to you so you can ask him how his day has been.

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