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@CptBedlam: Fair enough, maybe I'm just better at games than most people. 
If you have problems with Professor Layton I seriously doubt this statement.
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A couple of videos. This is absolutely amazing from what I've watched thus far.

Someone also ran Demon souls. All they did was roll around dodging everyone.

I believe this is the world record for that, but there may be some crazy japanese person out there who has halved this time or something. Although, 1 hour flat sounds hard to beat.
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Assume being a gamer is indeed a choice someone makes. That, by extension, means not being a gamer is also a choice since every man or woman could, theoretically, swing either way and it's all up to them. This means that everyone reading this, gamer or not, could suddenly decide to "try the other side" since it's all just a matter of making the decision. Is that really the case? I can tell you right now, it's not. I'm not a gamer and it would not be possible for me to make a choice to suddenly turn into a gamer. I mean, sure, I could maybe pretend, for whatever reason, but to actually have a physical relationship with a video game? No. Not possible. By logical extension then, if someone is a gamer it's as little a choice for them as not being one is a choice for me.


This is what I expected when I entered this thread


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Because I want it 
Or I know you will crash it without using it properly while flinging yourself into enemy territory on your own to try and go by yourself against 16 players in which case you'd probably be more useful following the rest of the team instead of killing yourself repeatedly.

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There is only so much you can talk about League of Legends before you become one of those "MY ELO IS 1200 HAHAHA!" douchebags. I forgot he even played though, but from what it sounded like, he played it for a while until he got his fill and decided to leave it go.

1200 is not even good =/

I think that's the joke
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45 games, 36 played. 80%. 
I don't see why I'd be playing TF2 beta or CSS beta, and DoW2 is just a free week, so I guess I could scratch 3 games from the total to make it 85%, but that would be cheating I suppose.

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@Matt: Why the hell would you do this on the same day the Octoberkast is happening?

Go to extra-life.org. The date is today, and it has been for a long time.
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Can I ask a question here? What's a good class for a complete noob who hasn't played Demon's Souls and who pretty much has no idea how to play this game? Sorry if it's been answered before in this thread, but I didn't feel like scouting through 13 pages. 
Also, if I went thief, what gift should I take at the beginning? I believe they get the master key for free, and most people consider that the most valuable gift, so which one would be the second most valuable?

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@Sjupp: LOTRO