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" wish i could take part in this but my router's WPA key isn't supported by the DS so i can't play online.  :(  banner is pretty awesome though.  "

Same here. I don't feel like changing it to WEP and change the password on every  iPod, computer, console in my house. :-/ "
There's many ways to put together a network that supports doing this securely and not affecting anything else on your network.  Like running 2 separate routers where a Wireless-B/WEP router is on the outside connected to the modem and then a Wireless-A/G/N/WPA router is on inside, firewalling your LAN... or you can run a Virtual AP within a single router, again firewalling your LAN. 
In all cases use MAC Filtering and Hidden SSID for further security and you can also turn off the WEP portion when not needed, while leaving the real network (WPA) running and connected to the internet securely at all times. 
Anyway, this is what I'm doing now and it's working great!  I have a separate virtual network firewalled-off and only going straight the the internet, just for my DS.  Worst case scenario is if some crazy hacker somehow clones my DS's MAC, hacks the WEP encryption, and then uses my internet... but they can never get to anything on my LAN, where all my WPA2-AES encrypted devices live.  
EDIT:  For some reason it looks like there's just not that much information about these kinds of setups.  I was gunna try to be all helpful and post some links of information, because I'll be damned if I have to type-up what's in my head :p but this is about all I could find: 
http://viidev.blogspot.com/2008/05/secure-wep-network-for-nintendo-ds.html "
I am so lost, is there any way to connect without using outside hardware, firm ware, equipment, etc? I have 2 WPA connections but i can't get this thing to work! Nintendo is mean sometimes :/