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I wholeheartedly approve. I've known Dan since college, he's going to be perfect here.

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I've got 20 Mb down, 3 Mb up with AT&T uVerse here in Shawnee, KS. (suburb of Kansas City). I'm paying about $80/month for that. It's stupid, but it's the least objectionable option I have here in my area. Time Warner is not much better speeds for much more money, and SureWest is more money for worse speeds.

HOWEVER, hopefully it's less than a year before that sweet, sweet, Google Fiber gets to my area. Then it's nothing but streaming puppies and uploading everything I play to twitch/youtube. Signups are starting for my fiberhood later this summer! Woo!

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These are fantastic. I'm not sure if Dan's or Lang's is the best.

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On the same topic, I just started broadcasting my stuff (need to get a better mic). IF you want, my twitch channel is jackburt0n55, and my youtube channel is ppcoo7.

That being said, I kinda just got started in this also...just looking to have fun, but if I can make some money in the process, awesome.

Anyways, my question is this: after all of Patrick's (and the rest of the internet's) uproar about YouTube and 3rd parties starting to come down hard on copyright violations for "Let's Play" videos and the like, I'm almost terrified of clicking the "monetize" button in YouTube because I don't want to rack up "strikes" before I even get started. Any advice on what to avoid or should I just not worry about those at all? Thanks, Duders.

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@kidavenger Well, I dunno about a high point for the company (sony as a whole), but they're definitely in a pretty good position at SCEA.

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I found a few that I think are rare? I got one that gave me a permanent cloak...and one that gave me the Ogre titan.

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I'm in for some Titanfall this evening. GT: Jack Burt0n

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Xbox One, please! (sorry if this double-posted) Thanks, @fredddi43