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Thanks for doing this, man. I'd love to win a key for the game. It looks great!

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I may be reading WAAAY too much into this, but anyone else think this may be some sort of viral marketing thing for a game coming soon or something? Has anyone outside of Giant Bomb in the games press received one of these around the same time as Brad, Dan and Jeff?

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Sorry to see you leave, but very happy for you, Patrick. Good luck with whatever your future holds! I'm sure you will crush it.

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Welp. I think I'm done here. Nothing more to see/hear. ;-) What a great track.

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Still really surprised at how much vitriol there is towards this so soon after the game's release. I understand people want to play MP, but you know, Single Player is still pretty fun...and it'll take me a few days to get through just CE and 2! Plus, the way I look at it, once the whole thing gets finished up, I really don't need another game ever. 4v4 Slayer Pro on Damnation until the end of days....

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Ooooh! Thanks for the suggestions so far, @theht! I think Metal Gear or Super Smashed Bros. might be the early leaders. Your Metal Gear suggestion made me think of one of my own: Metal Gear Wrecked.

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Hey guys, some friends and I are getting together to do a flipcup (read: drinking) tournament for charity here in a few weeks. We want to have a team name that's videogame-themed, and I'm kinda coming up dry on clever team names that include both drinking and videogames that I think most people would get. I mean, was thinking about something like "D4: Drinking Dreams Don't Die", but NO ONE is gonna get it except us.

Therefore, I was hoping to ask the Giant Bomb hivemind to see if maybe someone had a good suggestion or two that we could use. Thanks, duders!


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@maxszy: titanfall is fun if you like CoD type MP shooters. With big mechs. :)

Also, some other games I enjoy:


Volgarr the Viking (free if you have xbl gold!)

Dead rising 3

Sunset overdrive

Peggle 2 is great for mindless fun

Killer instinct is also pretty great if you like fighting games

Aaaand super time force is great!

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Viva Pinata!!! Woo!

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So, why am I, as an Xbox One owner going to pay the same amount as a PS3/PS4 owner for this expansion when I get less content? I really like what Bungie used to be, I really like Destiny, but this is FUBAR. Thank you, Activision for making the decision to not get the expansion(s) easier.