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Okay I have a AC Black Flag code for uplay that I got free with my GPU, I already have the game but would like starbound or space engineers for steam if anyone would like to trade? I realise there's an amount of trust needed so I will give the code and let you redeem and all that stuff.

If anyone is willing that'd be great!

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I have an AC Black flag uplay code and would enjoy space engineers or starbound on steam? PM if your interested.

I also hope this topic doesn't break any rules!

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Well my resolution is 1440x900 so the maxed on that res is what I want, have I any hope of finding one under 170?! :(

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At this point I should just call it a new computer right? Hah if I can max these games out with good frames I'll be happy, should be okay for the next year or so I imagine.

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Okay I have a base computer and I'm upgrading a few parts, what I want to know is will this run the latest games (BF 4 and AC black flag mainly oh and far cry 3) on full with no problems?

M5A99X EVO mobo

AMD 8150 Bulldozer processor

8gb of DDR3 2133 ram

And the video card is a MSI GTX 660ti OC 2gb

Any input would be appreciated :)



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@baillie: there's only dead space 1 and crysis too left but sure you can have those?

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Alright guys ill message you both when I'm home in a few hours

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Hey guys I picked up the humble origin bundle and I have most of the games so I have some keys to give away or swap for any games you may have and don't want!

I have codes for:-

Medal of Honour (steam or origin)

Dead Space 1 (same)

Burnout Paradise (same)

Crysis 2 (same)

Obviously if we are trading ill send you the code first so you can check and just trust that you will trade!

Hope this isn't the wrong place for this!

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I'm having a blast with about 4 hours playtime tonight, guns feel and sound meaty and the carrot on a stick card choosing is awesome!