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Pompano Beach, FL, USA

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Merry Christmas, duder.
Have an key to Little Inferno: https://www.humblebundle.com/gift?key=FSrYAy??PEVka87z
For the ??, look below.

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@nicked said:

I liked how it called back to that original trailer for BioShock 1, that was a really nice touch, but to me it was a dumb piece of DLC. Nothing seemed to really happen in terms of the contained narrative, and, in the context of infinite universes, it wasn't clear why these events mattered.

YES! The nod to the original Bioshock trailer was absolutely amazing!
You're right about the story, at least for now anyway. I enjoyed it a great deal and thought the ending twist was a clever way to play against the player's expectations from the main game, but ultimately it did sort of feel pointless. Saving Sally was a huge MacGuffin, and I have difficulty understanding Elizabeth's & the Lutece Twins' motivations. Surely there would have been easier ways to kill Comstock. And the idea that the Lutece Twins & Elizabeth are bouncing around to different universes to enact revenge against Comstock seems out of character to me in some implacable way. Not sure I can elucidate why, but it feels oddly petty & narcissistic for those 3 to go around trying to cure the ills of every infinite universe.
That all said, I can't imagine that these points were not discussed by Levine and the Irrational team, so I remain optimistic that all (most, anyways) will be explained in episode 2.

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@kishinfoulux said:

When people say ACIII is garbage or trash I want to punch them, because objectively it's not. Kills me whenever Patrick says that. It's fine you don't like it. It really is. Saying those things just makes you look silly though.

I liked it too (obviously), but if someone having a different opinion than you makes you that frustrated or angry, it might be time to take a step back.

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I can't really see why so many people seem to have thrown their arms into the air and said "FUCK ASSASSIN'S CREED FOREVER". But I don't care. Play whatever makes you happy.

Maybe you've noticed, the internet is occasionally prone to hyperbole.

Glad you enjoyed it though!

I've got AC4 downloaded, and I'm waiting for some quiet time this weekend to jump in to it!

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@tajasaurus: That's awesome! Glad you're enjoying it as well! It was around the point in the game where you are that I actually sat back and thought to myself, "I wonder when this game gets bad like everyone says." Thankfully it never came. :)
And the Haytham twist was fantastic. I managed to not have that spoiled for me last year, so I had a legit WTF? moment when it came. Good stuff!

@pillclinton: You should! I really was not expecting to like it as much as I did, especially after how disappointed I was with Revelations. I think an extra year off from the franchise helped (devs! ENOUGH with the annual franchises, please!), and again I made a conscious effort to ignore all the superfluous (and poorly implemented) side-missions & systems. Just rolling through the main quests, I thought it was a ton of fun.

@manhattan_project: Actually it did occur to me that playing it one year after release was meant I was potentially playing a somewhat more polished version of what everyone else played at launch. Regardless, I had much more fun with it than I thought I would; I thought they did I good job conveying emotion in the both the ancestral and modern stories & I liked how both stories wrapped up; and I honestly didn't feel that much difference in the controls -- although that may be more a factor of how much time had passed since I played Revelations.

That all said, and I know I'm repeating myself, I can TOTALLY see the rough edges and underlying problems with the game that caused it to be such a disappointment for a lot fans. Hopefully, for everyone's sake, AC4 is a more even experience. I'm really looking forward spending some time with it next week.

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@bbalpert: I agree 100%. And while it's hardly an admirable thing to say AC3's side quest were so bad they cured me from doing them at all, looking back, I'm starting to feel like I can apply this new perspective to other games as well. I'll probably be the better for it in the long run. Another recent example: I loved GTA5, but by the end of the campaign, I was desperate for it to just finish. As I usually do, I spent countless hours doing every side-mission I could and I was burning out on the world long before the main story was complete. If I had it to do again, I think I'd beeline through the story as fast as possible, and then if I really felt the need to stay in the world, use the side-missions to extend my stay at that time. I've done it backwards to this point.

That's how I'll approach AC4 anyway.

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Hey Duders

I got bored the other night and wanted to make a custom Dark Side of the Mun (har) flag for my newly launched (harhar) space program. I didn't much care for how flat & stark the flag textures looked when I just resized an unmodified image, and I wanted to give them some depth. That can be kind of challenging with a featureless, black image -- especially as low a res of one as the flag textures are -- but I think I figured it out.

I used the "minimalistic" flag design that was in the default folder, jacked up the contrast pretty high, and turned it into a distortion map in Photoshop. Some tweaks and an overlay of the same file for some added detail, and I'm pretty happy with the result. And when it's planted in-game, it really gives an illusion of being a flowing piece of fabric rather than a flat, stiff texture.

With this newly made template, I decide to whip up a quick flag for GB as well. Feel free to snag them if you'd like.

Anyone else make flags you want to share?

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