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Out of the core halo games I pick combat evolved. But don't make me pick between ODST and Reach. I just can't! Both were so good, but god damn the music in ODST was really good... Also firefly

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I have 2 NA PS4 beta codes. First 2 people to pm me gets em

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I have yet to complete a strike mission. After 20 mins or so I get booted out of the server, but I can reconnect immediately.

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This sounds like an awesome game, but I think I will wait until it gets out of early access

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I wish I could tell you Im Enjoying this game,But I'm having audio issues and pretty much the dialog is mute. The day one patch did nothing for me. Messed with all the audio settings on my end. Really wish devs would include audio sliders for effects, dialog and music. Not one worthless master volume slider.

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Question. Does PSN games unlock at midnight on the west coast? Cuz if so I'm never going to pre order anything digital on PSN again. Having the day off to play a game but then having to wait until 3am my time is the worst!

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Sadly their are just some games I will never buy on my PC as much as I prefer playing games on the PC over the console. Titanfall is one such game that I knew most PC players would shy away from after a month. Same thing with gams like NFS just for whatever reason not a lot of PC players stick with games like that.

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I played this every night for the first week or so. Bought the season pass almost immediately. Then I bought dark souls II... that sort of took over my life for the last month or so and I completely ignored titian fall. However now that I'm finished with souls for a little bit I have gone back to titian fall and I'm having fun with it again,we'll see how long it lasts but new maps and modes are around the corner.

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Ryan was a true legend. I still think about him day to day. A vary nice post sir.

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Still miss him. still catch myself thinking about him from time to time. still feel bad for his wife. i hope she is doing ok.