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I don't know? Just picked it up. Played two rounds and went right back to destiny... It seems fun but not having friends to play with kind of sucks. Il dig more time into it on my weekend.

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I have not liked an assassins creed game in a long time. I didn't even like black flag! I just don't think this franchise is for me anymore

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So me and a friend are trying to start a co op game. I sent him a key he downloaded the trial game and whenever he try's to join the game he gets a message saying the feature is unavailable. Anyone else run into this?

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I love this thread

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@thiago123: thanks for the info. I don't know how I feel about it only being 2v2 though. That sounds a bit lame in my book, but right now let's just get the multiplayer working in general first. Still im happy with the game so far hiccups and all.

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Their is no halo 1 playlist for multiplayer! You can play 2,3,4 in there own respected playlists, but if you want to play halo ce you have to play a custom playlist that mixes all 4 halo games together. Which I find disappointing.

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The single player is the best it has been since 4 (mind you 4 is still the high water mark for me) the multiplayer... Well it's still call of duty. Biggest gripe so far, it's 2014 and cod is still using p2p for its multiplayer. What the fuck? I thought they said this one would run on deticated servers?

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Yeah it was a decent video. But it did remind me why I hated kevin pereira so much.

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I don't know? Yeah the game has flaws but I love it all the same. Really I don't see the huge difference between this and Diablo? Both games have forgettable stories and both games have you pretty much doing the same thing with different window dressing's. But that's not the debate here. As of right now il hit 30 tomorrow, and there is still plenty of guns for me to find and alts to level up. I'm on board with the game as it stands today, and done arguing the could of and should of beens of destiny. Maybe I'm a sucker? But I don't really give a shit. I faith that Bungie will add better content as Time goes on. Bring on the next raid!

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I have not even gotten to the alien yet and I was already in knots. It's going to take me a while to beat this game