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For me it goes Halo CE, Reach, ODST, Halo 3, Halo 4, Halo 2. I base this off single player mainly and not multiplayer

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I completed the picture if that's what your asking

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i dont get it. the loop door is closed the bathroom is opened a crack and i hear what sounds like breathing? i already saw the baby in the sink i already got killed by the ghost. so what do i do? is getting killed by the ghost a fail state or something?

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i just started playing this last night, and my first impressions are not good! my first problem i have been having is the matchmaking. even this mode is not vary popular or the matchmaking is just fucked. i maybe played 1 round with real humans, and after that kept getting thrown into games by myself. maybe its something on my end? however i have seen other people saying this is a problem too. as for the game itself. i dont know how i feel about it being class based. i got stuck playing as a tactician who only starts with a pistol, further more it seems that only the assault class can pick up dropped weapons from enemies? which that seems kind of dumb. also god damn the maps are super small. not a lot of freedom to move around. im going to have to play more before i render a final verdict, but to me only playing for about an hour last night. the whole mode seems shoehorned in. is anyone enjoying this? i mean again im willing to jump back in tonight and give it another honest shot, and i wanted to like it, seemed like a mode that would work well and round out the shadowfall package, but i dont know? thoughts?

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Some day I hope resident evil 2 gets the same treatment. I know it be a undertaking but I'm pretty sure it sell well, and be well worth the effort

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The last of us remaster, GTA V and halo the master chief collection are the games I'm most looking forward to this year. Which is maybe kind of sad because I played all of them before...

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I have got to say. Not bad. I went straight for the jugular and rented grid 2. I figured if anything was going to stress test this thing it be a racing game. Some input lag for sure, but nothing I couldn't compensate for. Color me impressed. Now with that said I still don't feel it's the ideal way to play a game like that. But in a pinch it seems ok. Once they get the pricing in order I would consider using it more often.

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Out of the core halo games I pick combat evolved. But don't make me pick between ODST and Reach. I just can't! Both were so good, but god damn the music in ODST was really good... Also firefly

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I have 2 NA PS4 beta codes. First 2 people to pm me gets em

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I have yet to complete a strike mission. After 20 mins or so I get booted out of the server, but I can reconnect immediately.