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Ryan was a true legend. I still think about him day to day. A vary nice post sir.

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Still miss him. still catch myself thinking about him from time to time. still feel bad for his wife. i hope she is doing ok.

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@rorie: it's ok I'm sure you have top men on it. thanks Rorie!

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im trying to edit the my opening post in this thread but i have no options to edit. i can edit other posts i have made in the thread but not my main. im trying to update it with new info.

is this at all related to the issue posted in the development status thread?

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horrible week for the beta to start for me! i have to work all weekend and into next week....and because i live with 2 other people who have no concept of bandwidth caps we hit 75% of our cap today with still 15 days to go in our billing cycle! yay!

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i read somewhere that their are a lot of spots open for the beta. so lets just hope we all get in. that be nice. good luck everyone!

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@awesomeusername: yeah i just played tomb raider for oh about 30 mins before i was slapped with a giant progress bar telling me the game is still being installed. oh well. its a really nice idea be able to play something while downloading but it seems there are still kinks in the system to work out or something.

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according the the titanfall twitter and Vince Zampella twitter there will be some kind of news on how to sign up for the titanfall beta. at 6pm PST tonight. just thought i let people know! anyone else excited?

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alright, cool. im downloading tomb raider on my PS4 at the moment and was curious to see if anyone has had success with playing a downloading game on that platform. im still pretty early on in the download so we'll see i guess. maybe once the idea of doing something like this gets ironed out more, devs could give you a ETA as to when you can start playing if at all. To be clear its not the end of the world for me if i cant play it until its 100% i just wanted to gage other peoples experiences. thanks for letting me know about ryse caseius6

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i know Sony has said this to be the case, but im kind of curious? has anyone be able to start downloading a full retail game and at a certain point start playing it? I tried this on my xbox one with ryse and the yeah it let me start the game but i could only cycle through the menus if i tried to play the game i was presented with a download bar. just wondering if Sony did it any better?