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Hey I just got a Xbox yesterday. I'm having a similar issue. The kinect seems to be working fine when the system is on (granted it's less then 24 hours old) but when I put it into sleep mode and try saying Xbox on it does nothing. I hit the power button the Xbox fires up, and I get the message kinect unplugged. However If I unplug and plug it back in it comes back to life. Did you ever experience this? Did you ever get your situation resolved?

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Hello folks just thought i share this tip i read on battlelog with you all, in regards to completing the EYE IN THE SKY assignment. Now if your like me, maybe your a really shitty jet pilot? if so getting 3 Jet fighter ribbons may seem impossible/a hassle. First do not try and grind air superiority! for a whole lot of reasons i wont go into it can be far harder and quite frustrating to get a single ribbon (let alone a single kill) in this mode. instead what you want to do is go into a conquest map that has the gunship in it and try and blow that up. the gunship wont try and out maneuver you or even really try and shoot you down. all you have to do is camp a jet throughout the level, and if your lucky you will kill a gunship with a full crew. thats 5 kills! thats one ribbon for destroying one aircraft. rinse and repeat and with a little luck you should have that UCAV in no time!

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Yeah mine is a bit loud at first but then just spins down and everything is fine

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Well twich just pulled all play room content from there site. I guess people should start using ustream?

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For me it's just conquest that don't work. No crashes playing obliteration. However I just did something totally awesome and the damn PS4 didn't record even though I told it too.

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Yeah it's kind of really frustrating about the multiplayer. I tried last night and either every single conquest server had zero people in it. Or I get into a match run around for a moment then get booted out. Still no news on a patch?

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Sorry killzone. And sorry using iOS

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So im using user 1 because I can't sign into PSN. I hit multiple checkpoints. ( right after it removed the plank from the door) and decided to quit to see if it was saving. Doesn't seem like it. It just boots me back to the beginning of the game. Do I have to get past the intro before it start saving? What gives?

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Dude Costco no one thinks to come here. We have 40 or so and have not sold a one yet lol. So if you have one in your town try it

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Yeah I can confirm the Costco I work at has about 48 of packaged with the extra controller and the year of PS+