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The Witcher love is really touching, you guys are good people. /tear

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Once every two months I open it up, remove the dust filter screens and clean them, wipe the dust with a thin brush off every fan, and then gently blow air into the case with an airhorn.

Once a year I actually remove my graphics card and blow all the dust out of its insides, as well as the CPU heat sink.

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@bigjeffrey: Your love for Remedy games pleases me, brother.

Since you posted Alan Wake screens not long ago, are you aware of the freecam mode? You can use a controller to go on free cam and take all kinds of amazing screenshots from any angle you wish. It's marvelous, I just started playing the game again and I'm charmed once more.

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I can't remember the last time a game made me laugh because ever since I became a university student I play games occasionally and just for some action, without immersing myself or paying too much attention to the dialogue and story, like I used before.

I'd give anything to be 18 again and just drown in games and laugh and cry.... ;p

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@jackentrote: Legitimacy is given via democracy, not via "my family/clan/people ruled this land before". I dispute anyone's geopolitical or historical "claims" if they're not backed with democracy.

The world exists for the people living in it, not for the dead. As such, nations belong to the people currently living in it, and their direction is up to the people currently living in it.

I'm sorry can you apply this logic to The United States or Israel? It is legitimate for contemporary Americans to own and control the United States territory, and legitimate for Israelis to own and control the Palestinian territory?

I'm aware of the change of circumstances when it comes to the US, the condition of territorial scarcity today in contrast to 400 years ago makes it acceptable for contemporary Americans to own the land and live in it, there are 317 million of them. Native Americans are scarce, and there's no going back, that's insane at this point, but are you saying their sovereignty is morally legitimate?

These circumstances don't apply to Israel though, there's still plenty of empty land, and a massive amount of Palestinians inside and outside, so the territorial sovereignty should be handed to Palestinians at once.

What I'm saying that while it's logical and just for US Americans to remain as they are today, based on circumstances (however that isn't the case for Israelis), both cases are immoral and haven't a lick of legitimacy.

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Might not agree on the 'legitimate' claim from native Americans (I consider legitimacy based on free democracy, people governed by the people, not by whichever ethnicity was there first).

Come again?

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@alcor741 said:

Homefront. That bit where you push X to hide in a mass grave. Alt + F4 + delete local content >:( .


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@dudeglove: You still haven't acknowledged international law and the concepts of sovereignty and territory. How, according to international law, is it OK for the forces of the Russian government to enter the Ukrainian territory in 2014? Yes yes, Russia was raised by Kiev as a baby a thousand years ago, that sounds cool I might read about it, but in the present day they are two separate sovereign states with their separate territories that are protected by international law are they not? If they're not, please correct me, you know more than me.

How it became Ukrainian is irrelevant, it became Ukrainian, that is its name now, no? Ethnic Russians on Ukrainian soil are irrelevant, there are Ethnic ___x___ on __y__ soil across the world, so what? They either integrate or migrate to their home states.

Also, please don't embarrass yourself by using the ignorance card when it comes to shit that probably half the Russian population itself doesn't know. Kievan Rus and whatever the hell, really I'm supposed to know this shit and I'm not even from there? Am I supposed to know your father's family tree as well? What I do know about is international law, sovereignty and the legitimate/illegitimate presence on territory.

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As much as I know about game settings and technology (not THAT much, but a lot), I don't think I'll ever have the patience or interest to understand this pixel bullshit.

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Didn't love it, but didn't hate it either. Quit in chest-burdening boredom and dissatisfaction and unfulfillment about 4 (?) hours in.

I expected a glorious homage to good old PC stealth games that had amazing interactive gameplay that let ME play stealth cat and mouse on the battlefield rather than be stricted by cutscenes and linear pathways.

The weird thing is, Dishonored IS that game, it's totally loyal to that genre and the gameplay was great. But it still bore me out of my mind! The cartoony aesthetic was extremely offputting for my eyes, the guard AI just felt wrong, the story and voice acting felt like a meaningless morning cartoon...

Everything about it felt so lame, like I couldn't wait to take a break.