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@milkman: thanks! i'm looking for an archived version of this year's but now i can watch this one first!

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@cincaid: that's a neat compilation of info, thanks!

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I'd pay extra for PSNow. My PS+ subscription is well worth the price of admission as-is, and if this means I can binge play 20 yrs of missed JRPG's netflix style, I'm ok with that.

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i'm a fan. not a huge DOTA2 fan, i've played around with bots a little but no real games. i like watching and learning about the game and the culture that's sprung up around it. and i like brad and the matt's and their exchanges while they play. it's definitely a good second monitor filler.

i wrote a tl;dr blogpost about how DOTA2 is the new Magic: the Gathering if anyone is interested.