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@MordeaniisChaos: Well I have played all the big games on PC with no problems with a ATI can you point out a few games this has happened to?

They won't because there aren't any, AMD has come a long way in their driver support, it's time for people that don't know what they are talking about to stop giving shitty advice.

AMD vs Nvidia, it doesn't matter, they are both good and it's really just personal preference at this point and there is no point in slinging shit at either of them, that is retarded fanboy shit.

If you want to pick one over the other, you should look at the games they are giving away, Nvidia is giving away Borderlands 2 with most of their cards, AMD is giving away Sleeping Dogs and/or Dirt Showdown with most of their cards.

This is mostly true, I usually go for the cooler/quieter option, which was Nvidia in the GTX 5XX series. Personal preference here, but I think the Nvidia control panel has a nicer interface (having used both it and CCC).

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All of Jesper Kyd's stuff for the Hitman games, Amon Tobin did a really awesome soundtrack for Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory:

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Pretty sure their complaint wasn't whether you are in a "sneak" stance or not. It was knowing whether an enemy can see you and the game giving no indication if you are well hidden or not. From everything I've seen it seems to be a valid complaint.

I'm pretty sure you are right. I also happen to disagree with the crew, but that's a matter of opinion I guess.

For me, a lot of the tension and excitement comes from not knowing if my hiding spot will be good enough, holding my breath while the guard walks by inches away. If the screen tinged blue and I could relax knowing I was essentially invisible it would take some of the fun out for me.

Mark of the Ninja and Riddick are much more mechanical and binary in that regard, and that's fine for those games, but I don't think every game has to be like that.

@mordukai: I'm with you on this.

I think you hit the nail on the head here regarding the tension of knowing whether or not you are properly hidden from any particular enemy. This is really important to the stealth in Dishonored.

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@MikkaQ said:

I just never got the point of removing UI elements for "immersion". Games aren't movies nor will they be, just give me as much pertinent info as possible, in the simplest way possible. If the sneak mode is conveyed by a little image of a man crouching, I'm not pulled out of the game, I'm just glad it's clearly marked off.

I turned off the compass and objective markers in Skyrim and the objective markers in this game, it makes exploration and discovery a lot more fun.

@Tennmuerti said:

GB crew in general are terrible at paying attention to the games they're playing. This has been evident for a long time. Last Bombcast's comments on Xcom and to a lesser degree Dishonored just drive that point home once more. Xcom's overly long tutorial shows the player satellite launching and you can see the income increase, introduces base construction, etc. Completely forgetting a game teaching it's mechanics and then blaming the game is like their MO at this point. Dishonored has a crouch animation and stance difference as subtle as a truck hitting you in the face.


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Dishonored is fucking awesome, everyone should give it a try. The bombsquad will probably pick another shit game like they did last year.

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Is Dark Souls a JRPG? If so, I play it because it's really fun.

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@cmblasko said:

A critique of a critique of an industry comprised of critics. More meta, please.

A critique of a critique of a critique of a critics industry

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@FluxWaveZ said:

Perhaps not a big surprise for many following the biggest entertainment launch of all time that was Modern Warfare 3, but GameStop's Company president Tony Bartel states:

“consumer anticipation for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is tremendous” and the company is “seeing the highest pre-orders in history”

He goes on to state that with the current pace of pre-orders, Black Ops II is set to be GameStop's "biggest game launch of all time".

Just Push Start

I know there were people saying that everything was going to get worse for the series last year after Modern Warfare 3's launch (which people say every year and I have a feeling Brad Shoemaker was one of them), but this obviously proves that wrong. I wonder what the proportion of Wii U pre-orders compared to the other two versions are.

I'm more excited for Black Ops II than I was MW3, so I'm looking forward to when it launches on November 13th.

I don't know about people saying it's going to get worse, but there has definitely been a lot said about how they keep rehashing the same themes and gameplay. So in that respect I guess it has been getting worse since CoD 4, the series peak as far as quality and innovation (in my opinion).

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@Cretaceous_Bob said:

Jesus you guys, I just sat down and wrote that. This is how I talk.

That's fine and dandy, but it makes for more difficult reading when you use a lot of long adjectives. The 'writing like talking' fad will hopefully end soon, it's not so much real writing as a stream of consciousness. Not to diminish the message of your essay (it is a very correct one), but once you finish writing something like this you should read over it a few times and try to simplify your statements into something that flows.