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When I was reading the interview, he talked a little about the low-end $99-or-so box that would be a game streaming device, and it sounded like it was going to be a local streaming solution (maybe only a local solution, maybe also with an internet streaming solution a la OnLive). I took that to mean it would be the mythical device that (I think) Ryan Davis wants, the thing that basically you plug into your TV, it wirelessly talks to your big gaming PC in the other room, and spits the visuals from that onto your living room screen, theoretically with pretty low latency as it's all local. Am I understanding that correctly, am I missing something, or am I just projecting what I want onto what Gabe said? Because if I can buy something that's basically an inexpensive slingbox that gets the picture from my massive gaming tower onto my living room TV without running a cable or lugging that thing back and forth, I'm in.

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Man, a bunch of the comments on Eurogamer's Syndicate article are infuriating. There are tons of people bitching about how they don't "get" it and how it's a shame that he makes so much money for doing nothing and on and on. Like, I hadn't heard of the guy either, because I'm neither a big CoD guy nor a YouTube guy, but to begrudge what sounds like nice, hardworking, savvy kid his success just because his success is so outsized and built on a new form of media strikes me as childish and petty.

I mean, if you get right down to it, the majority of Giant Bomb content is a higher production value version of the same thing, just with a much clearer focus on the games proper rather than the vlog-ing aspect. Ugh, I'm rambling, but it just really made me mad. That's all.

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I don't get why people are so knee-jerk defensive of From. I think it's perfectly reasonable to say they made a sub-expectations PC port, and just because they're scrappy underdogs that everyone's rooting for doesn't mean you can't give them flack for it. Oh, you say that that we should cut them slack because it's their first PC port? Why? They're still asking for you to pay a significant sum for it.

I played a decent amount of DS on PS3 (>12 hours), and I enjoyed it for what it was; same with Demons' Souls. I think From is doing important work and should be lauded for their achievements. I also think it's pretty wack that they released what looks, from the outside, like a slapdash PC port that was substantially improved immediately after release and claimed they just "weren't experienced enough" for it. Some of the imagery in the article may be a little sensationalist, but I think most of the sentiments seem valid. People immediately crying foul over From Software's feelings should maybe consider being less emotionally invested in a company, especially when they make a misstep.

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Thaaaaaaat's great.

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@alternate: Man, condoms can get expensive if you use a lot.

Not that I would know, I'm trying to buy videogame posters for my room. So yeah.

Also, what lady wouldn't swoon when confronted with a poster of all the Persona 4 characters' glasses? Not one that I would want, sirrah! And besides, once I've gotten them in that far, it's too late! No turning back!

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These are great jumping-off points! Thanks guys!

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So I just moved in to a new apartment (the kind for adults, as opposed to slums for college students!), and I realized I have very little in the way of art for my walls. I've hung up my two guitars on wall mounts, which look good, but I was thinking I might want some quality nerd prints, to reflect my other interests. Of course, most all posters about video games are gauche and embarrassing, so I was hoping maybe you guys could point towards some better stuff!

I like a certain amount of minimalism, or at least stylized art, so I'm not looking for large prints of in-game assets (though there are some great sites for that). I like the style a lot of the stuff on Mondo, but most of it is about films/shows/games that I have no real connection to. I think the stuff on Pixology is cool, but it's maybe a little *too* minimalist, and I don't like how it usually has the name of the game at the bottom. I don't necessarily want someone to be able to tell it's from a game unless they're familiar with it; also I'm not a big fan of text in general.

I'm looking for posters and prints in all sizes, including movie-size, large landscapes, and small prints. I just hung my **Banner Saga** poster from their kickstarter, and I love that art style: poster.

Any ideas on where to look? I know this is super specific, but I thought maybe someone here would have similar tastes. Thanks!

P.S. I'm also asking this on r/gaming, but I liked the Giant Bomb Atari Box thread/art so much, I thought I should ask here too. I might even print that logo out for a square framed piece...

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This is expected; the team was so huge for initial development that there's no way they could keep it that large for maintenance/expansion, especially since the subscriber base isn't growing.

I really enjoyed my month and a half or so with SW:ToR, though even I have canceled my account now. I just ran out of steam and have a billion other games I want time to play, on top of having a big-boy job now. I actually really do enjoy the pleasantly mindless mechanics of MMOs on occasion, especially when they let me zone out and listen to music or a podcast. SW:ToR actually wasn't as good for that, in my opinion, because the story and voice acting was much more prevalent and well done, so I wanted to experience that, taking me out of my boar-killing trance.

Unfortunate for those out of work now; there's a massive development scene in Austin, and I hope they land on their feet. Hopefully their skill sets aren't strictly for making large-scale subscription MMOs, though...

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I was lucky enough to meet several of the bomb squad, including Patrick, at the Verge party right before E3 in LA, and I just want to say that he made my night. He was super friendly, and actually stood around at the bar talking with me, a random fan, for a solid ten minutes about GB, the expo, and just random other stuff. Not once did seem annoyed by people randomly coming up to him, and he was genuinely nice to those who would call themselves fans. He's rapidly become one of the highlights of the site for me, and I feel very fortunate to have gotten a chance to chat with him in person. My condolences, Patrick, and my best wishes to you and yours.

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I think there's been a misconception that Kickstarter means that anyone can get funding for any crazy game idea, and that's naive in the extreme. KS is a combination of patronage and glorified pre-orders, and if the product you're promising isn't interesting enough to elicit donations, you're screwed. I know that I personally browse KS a lot these days, and I've donated to a few projects and have plans to donate to a few more when I feel I can spend the money, but there have been several where I've watched the video and read the descriptions and thought "You know, this just doesn't seem worth my money." And I feel a little bad about it, because it's (presumably) these developers' hopes and dreams that I'm choosing not to support, but that mild pang of guilt isn't enough to separate me from $20, and I doubt it will separate many others.

Go take a look at the "Kick It Forward" campaign that Brian Fargo has started. It's a great idea, and I went through and looked at most of the projects that are involved (I'm sure more have joined up since I looked at it a few days ago). Unfortunately, not a single one made me think "Oh man, this seems worth my money!" They just seemed kinda... lame. And I know that's harsh, and I feel bad, but I'm not giving developers money purely out of charity.

As far as Auditorium goes, I want them to succeed, but as the original game (at least the iOS version) couldn't make me buy the full version, I kept my money in my wallet. Hopefully they'll succeed, but they'll have to do it without my $15.

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