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@OldGuy: the removal of achievement tracking is confirmed? how unfortunate

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I frequently make poor decisions, what's one more? 
lets do this

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@Vorbis said:

" As far as I'm concerned, it has a Belmont, it has a Whip, it has monsters, it has Items and that makes it a Castlevania game.  What annoys me more is people calling it a GoW clone, some people act like GoW owns the genre, aparently no one else can do melee combat with fixed camera angles anymore without some idiot spouting GOW CLONE. "

I was able to pick it up in NYC yesterday and yeah... it's VERY GoW. That said, lets not forget that Bayonetta was VERY DmC, and still an outstanding game.   
Edit: btw, i'm definitely not getting that "GoW's Redheaded Stepchild" vibe that Dante's had, this has been a solid experience so far
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got it, also, im clearly very dumb today

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annual member, i dont see a code, i dont see video, i dont see chat, what am i missing?

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I like what these guys do and want to help them keep doing it.  
though the Bombcast move was, IMHO, a serious tactical error.

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Beer sucks, who's into sake? 
 (Hint: I am into Sake)

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...about SSF4 is that all of the insanely good players who i would normally never, ever run into online are back to being "level 1"  I'll see a guy with like 50bp and think, "ok, this might be an even fight," only to be corrected seconds later as he tears me into tiny pieces in moments. 
In Stacraft, this is called Smurfing :(

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 The past few days I’ve been playing the hell out of Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2, which should probably be called "Ninja Gaiden 2 for people who don't enjoy getting punched in the dick." Ninja Gaiden is legendary for being uncompromisingly difficult, but success in that game was something you earned and in a sad sort of way, could be proud of. With NGS2, the series has lost its teeth; you can slice though most of the game without really getting that deep understanding of the combat system that you would normally need in order to progress. 

That said, in one day, I progressed far further then I ever did during my first Ninja Gaiden 2 experience, where i was set upon and repeatedly mutilated by angry werewolves on the third stage...