I'm in.

     First of all, I'd like to thank the Giant Bomb family for providing hours of informative, timely, humorous, and just plain awesome content for the past 2+ years.  They showed us that despite what sites like Kotaku and Joystiq have been doing, "Top 10" lists are not the cornerstone upon which the  viddja game community is built. 
     Giant Bomb gave the community news, videos, podcasts, and the world's largest editable video game database for free.  The content was great, they didn't bother reviewing whatever the latest Hanna Montana game was, and they didn't talk down to the community. 
     Then they decide to offer even more content.  They kick it off by throwing an all day party for everyone to watch (for free).  Will and Norm play with cheap As Seen On TV crap.  Brad sings and dances.  Ryan watches shitty movies with Alex and Matt.  Vinny hid in a closet somewhere  Jeff rapped.  And grew a mustache.    
     As soon as I heard that Giant Bomb was going freemium I knew I wanted to support them.  Before I heard anything about a split Bombcast, I was already in.  Here's to Giant Bomb and all of Whiskey Media!  I look forward to what's in store, sirs.