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I'm gonna bump for visibility, I wouldn't mind knowing this myself. Anybody?

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PSN: jacktherip

Time zone: Central standard

Launch games: Just the free PS+ stuff (Resogun, Contrast), Flower, Sound Shapes, and Blacklight: Retribution.

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@lamarrsanomaly: I've seen some hitches in framerate, but it usually seems to happen if the host has a shitty connection. Wish they had dedicated servers for this game. I like the game, I just wish it was easier to get into a game. Sometimes during the day I can't find a game at all.

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You know, I never agreed with the complaints on the PSN's speed. Where I live (in the deep south) it's always been pretty fast. I currently have 50 mb broadband from Comcast, but even 5 years ago when I had an 8 mb connection it was always fine. Wonder what the deal is with the Bay area?

Edit: inb4, I know my speed isn't the only factor, just throwing that out there. I know Arthur Gies from RebelFM/Polygon has complained about the PSN's slow speeds despite having something ridiculous like a 150 mb service at home.

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You were what was right and good about the world, Ryan. Miss you.

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I didn't dig the idea of a white one until you posted this. Now it's all I want :(

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So we've probably all seen this image by now, right? If you could change the coloring or aesthetics of the PS4, how would it look?

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1Up/EGM is what got me interested in gaming media as a whole. The 1Up Show, 1Up Yours, etc., are what got me paying attention to gaming media. It led me to Giant Bomb too, which is now my favorite thing ever, probably. It did this by making me search around on the Zune marketplace (I know...) for gaming podcasts that were highly ranked, which led me here. It's a shame to see them go, but I would have bet money that they would already by dead by now.

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Jack Noob. The temptation to go with Charlie Tunoku was present though.