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This has a really cool look to it, but hearing that it's procedurally generated gives me pause.

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The Yeti are actually just blue dudes in costume.

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I'm so happy I get to relive this game through Dan and Drew a decade later, but I'm upset they forgot to spin Snake around in the menu.

Oh don't worry, I'm gonna ask him to do that at some point. It's one of my favorite dumb Easter eggs.

While you're on it, please make sure that Drew calls Sigint once he gets a cardboard box. I remember that being one of my favorite little things in the game.

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I haven't played through this game more than once and that was when it came out so this is doubly exciting to me.

Well, actually I first played it when Subsistence came out, so I played it with the new camera and all for the first time too.

Speaking of seeing things for the first time, Ocelot being in the game being a surprise to Drew is a good example of Drew possibly being setup to have a better experience playing this series than people who followed it at the time.

Dan was all about showing him some trailers of MGS2 so that he'd know going in what a Metal Gear fan would know, which, there's something to that I guess. But I think the idea of going into each one blind, except in this case for some knowledge gained through cultural osmosis, is the definitive way to go. A luxury many fans didn't have, being fans and all.

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It seems like they have forgotten, but a few years ago, while talking about Dark Souls, one Ryan Davis voiced his concern that getting into Dark Souls was a gateway drug to getting into Monster Hunter.

And now look where we're at.

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I've only ever played that specific demo of Sheep Raider, but I remember it being pretty cool. The artsyle makes it hold up better than most PS1 games and I want to say the puzzles were neat as well.

I hope Jeff never stops being on these. He just adds so much.

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"All footage shown is pre-alpha work in progress footage and in no way, shape or form indicative of the final product"

That's a little extreme, isn't it?

Anyway. I enjoyed Terraria.

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Even having two dungeons under my belt currently, I realized a couple of minutes into this quicklook that there's still a bunch of houses I haven't even visited. I'm gonna get on that and come back to this later.

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Ah, the look of this game!

I had been sorta looking forward to this but seeing it now I can see where Dan is coming from on its simplicity, bit of a bummer. But it still just looks so good with its artstyle that I feel like I'll end up getting it some day anyway.

On Jeff wanting more Kirby games though, I dunno, I feel like they've done plenty in the last few years. Epic Yarn, Return to Dreamland, Mass Attack, Triple Deluxe and now this. Trouble is they all just seem kind of...quaint. Well made, without setting the world on fire.

That said, my New 3DS arrived today and Triple Deluxe along with it. Despite having felt a bit feed up on the standard formula Kirby games I'm oddly looking forward to playing this one.

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I'll take any excuse to play more Grow Home.