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It's funny, when the last Mailbag video went live I couldn't help but think "Man, they have so much stuff, they really need to clean it out".

Having experience with coming to a workplace with no time set aside for just that I realized how hard it is to get it going when there is other work to be done. "They should stream it, make it technically content to better justify the time put in"...I guess I wasn't the only one thinking that : D

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I'm glad the kitty made it.

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I remember having a hard time with The Fury, not surprised it took a whole episode. It seems overall their biggest hurdle was losing track of him once he starts moving quickly and not realizing you could damage him from the front so long as he hasn't spotted you before you attack.

Also I totally have seen the Fury cosplay, here it is:

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Brad's realization about Selphie was funny to me because I had the same one just a couple of days ago.

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@TechnoSyndrome: I care. I'd care if there was only one, completely boring, featureless stage in the new Street Fighter too, though that's different.

The game itself also cares, or knows it should, otherwise there wouldn't even be a "story" or "levels" to begin with. Because ultimately people care about having that stuff and it being good.

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I'm way into what this game is shooting for. I also played a bunch of magicka but that game just had too many buttons, too much complexity for any one thing you were doing. This game seems to simplify in the areas that matter, attacking is straightforward, and dailing something in is used sparingly. The extra wrinkle of friendly fire also makes it stand out and seem fresh, requiring a bit more situational awareness when shooting.

Only gripe I have with it is that I don't know anyone who owns a PS4 etc. If I'm gonna play it I'll have to play it completely with strangers, which feels meh.

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This has a really cool look to it, but hearing that it's procedurally generated gives me pause.

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The Yeti are actually just blue dudes in costume.

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I'm so happy I get to relive this game through Dan and Drew a decade later, but I'm upset they forgot to spin Snake around in the menu.

Oh don't worry, I'm gonna ask him to do that at some point. It's one of my favorite dumb Easter eggs.

While you're on it, please make sure that Drew calls Sigint once he gets a cardboard box. I remember that being one of my favorite little things in the game.

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I haven't played through this game more than once and that was when it came out so this is doubly exciting to me.

Well, actually I first played it when Subsistence came out, so I played it with the new camera and all for the first time too.

Speaking of seeing things for the first time, Ocelot being in the game being a surprise to Drew is a good example of Drew possibly being setup to have a better experience playing this series than people who followed it at the time.

Dan was all about showing him some trailers of MGS2 so that he'd know going in what a Metal Gear fan would know, which, there's something to that I guess. But I think the idea of going into each one blind, except in this case for some knowledge gained through cultural osmosis, is the definitive way to go. A luxury many fans didn't have, being fans and all.