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I'd want them to play through 3 and 4, and then I'd feel like Drew was ready to play Ground Zeroes and 5 on his own time if he was into it.

I've never played Peace Walker so I don't know, but it sounds like a bother, and while Dan might think it's not in the spirit of Metal Gear, I'd love to watch Drew play through Revengence because of its small ties to 4 and because it is such a different game.

In the end, it's up to them how far they take this. I trust them to know where to stop.

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Hm, the Japanese voices were certainly better, all the characters are super established archetypes though so that's not really a surprise. I'd like to play this in Japanese but I've tried playing other games with that option (Xenoblade Chronicles, Resonance of Fate) and they never add subtitles for all the small talk/ battle chatter that's in the game. Without understanding all the environmental stuff it feels like I'm going to miss out regardless.

The obvious solution is to start actually studying Japanese, hrm.

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If possible, I'd want to see Vinny return to his vampire slaying ways.

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So...is this for any game we thought they missed covering over the year? Not just award material?

I haven't played, nor will I probably ever play Drakengard 3, but I do want them to quicklook it.

Edit: Oh and it's one of those games that came out in 2013 in Japan, so I can't really vote for it.

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I bought that game 2 times, chances are high I'll buy it again.

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I like both shows but if I'd have to pick, then I'd probably pick one over the other.

Since I don't HAVE to pick though, you'll get nothing out of me.

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I'm gonna get a few of the characters I like, because I like them, and also probably Shulk. If that's not how you feel you should probably not get them.

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Awesome! I couldn't bring myself to go back into the archive to look up everything I missed so I'll definetly check this out later.

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Around the time I was first studying English in middle school I got very fond of the way the word Purple felt in my mouth.

Other than that, I can recall that I really liked saying Hyrule...before I learned about the boring way that you're actually supposed to pronounce it.

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The only thing I would advise them to do was to use the codec more often, give Pliskin a few calls and he'll tell you the backstories of the Dead Cell members. You can easily miss stuff like that, I know I did. Later too with different characters.