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I must be getting old if costumes where your genitalia and breasts are covered up by a banana and two strawberries respectively are considered "tame".

I've enjoyed some Dynasty Warriors style games in the past though, and from watching a trailer it did look better than that one they quicklooked years ago. Still not for me, but credit where it's due and all that.

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I'm not a moviegoing person so I won't see it for a while I guess, but being a fan of tokusatsu I was immediately into his suit design. Looking forward to seeing it, sometime in the future.

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I'm hype for waking up to this tomorrow!

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I'm sad.

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Man what!? No!!

No, damnit!

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Cool, I like it too. Here's a couple of tips: Whenever you place a crystal in the statue after the boss you level up. Saving some of those statues to return to a bit later in the game can be helpful. The bosses won't respawn or anything. I usually grind a bit in the first dungeon, that's just me though.

Also remember to use the magic you get when you can. Shield, for instance, effectively doubles your health for a room and is among the cheapest spells. A good thing to recall when you run up against a room full of tough enemies.

There are a couple of things that are going to be hard to figure out on your own, especially later in the game. For some of it though the manual might help. Since you're playing it on Virtual Console that should be easy enough to eye through.

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Yeah, I'm interested. I've only ever gotten a short bit into FF7. Somewhere past the crossdressing scene and into the sewers.

More importantly, I just want to SEE what they'll do to it. A remake of this scope of an early 3D PS1 game doesn't come around...well, it hasn't happened at all yet. What the fuck is this game going to look like? How will it play? What will they change? As a thing, if it really is as big as a new game would be, it's going to be super interesting to see.

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Timers can be a real bummer when I'm trying to play 3D World with my 4 year old nephew, while being completely inconsequential for most of the rest of the game otherwise. I definetly agree that they should go.

Also, score. Fuck score. Unless your game is specifically built around score or S-ranks or what have you, don't have score in your game. Nobody ever cared about score in a Mario game. 3D Land did away with score in favor of just giving you coins. I was happy to see the change, and also disappointed when they brought it back for World. Maybe they thought it added to the Miiverse or something, I dunno.

Grrr, stupid meaningless yet enticing Castlevania moneybag!

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Still, huh? Try the youtube version.

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I didn't see Dan anywhere in that video.