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I heard somewhere that all the characters that would be in the game were decided on at the start of the project. I don't think that Splatoon could have been far along enough at that point where they would have decided on the look of the characters, or maybe it didn't even exist on a conceptual level yet.

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I only have regular mustard when I'm using it as a seasoning in pea soup, otherwise there's a sweeter, milder variant sold here that I put on hot dogs or whatever, I don't like regular mustard on those.

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Great, thanks for doing this! I've already managed to see most of what I was interested in, including the 5+ hour Skyward Sword run (That one was pretty fun, even for being as long as it was, because the runners kept the talk going through all of it) but there are still some things I need to check out so this is useful.

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@iigrayfoxii: It looks like Midna. The coloring is the same and you can see her hair and her headpeice/crown thing.

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Agitha looks sweet, I love bug-themed things.

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We are going to need a little more time before the president of Nintendo is ready, please look forward to it!

I'm glad that he's ok, it's got to be a lot of pressure to work in the position he does, so I hope that he is afforded enough time to properly recover.

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Cool, I barely remember anything about Twilight Princess but Agitha stood out to me. I hope you can shoot bugs at people.

If they are going obscure then maybe Kafei could be cool? unless they just picked Agitha for the "moe" appeal, I honestly wouldn't put it past them.

Oh and Skull Kid wearing Majoras Mask, that's gotta be in.

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Spend some time digging through the menus and try to make sense of what they tell you. It's kind of a lot to take in, in the beginning but DSII is a long game anyway. There is no reason to rush to learn everything.

Use summoning liberally, it's fun and good practice when you get summoned to help others, only stay away from it if you want to experience every area on your own first. You should also know that bosses get a health boost for every summoned player (a player can summon a maximum of 2 helpers) so sometimes it can be easier to fight a boss on your own or with a single other player than with two additional people.

Take note that each death slowly reduces your maximum health, down to a minimum of 50% of your regular max health. You can use items to restore your max health to its original level, but these items are somewhat limited. Therefore the easiest way to restore yourself in most cases is by being summoned to another player's world to help them for a bit, using either the white soap stone or the small white soap stone. These are found early in the game.

Summoned players are summoned on a time limit. The white soap stone is designed for going through most of a level and taking out a boss, so its time limit is generous, while the small white soap stone lasts a much shorter time so you can get your life back quicker. Every time an enemy is killed when you've been summoned and you its souls the time limit is reduced a little bit, when the timer runs out or when you defeat a boss you are sent back to your world and your life meter is restored to its max value. Your items' durability are also repaired, unless they were broken, and your spell uses are restored. If you or the host dies before your time limit runs out you are simply sent back in the state you are in.

You need to be "alive" to summon other players, that is, you need to have your max life at 100% and not reduced by any deaths. You can easily tell by the look of your character since they change significantly between being fully alive and having died once.

Good luck.

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@yummylee said:

I know it's not an official Metroid game, but isn't there some indie Metroid-inspired game exclusive to PS4 that's basically what Mega No.9 is to Megaman? Least in terms of atmosphere and game design. Though I think it's also scheduled for like 2016 or something...

EDIT: Ah, here we go, I was referring to Axiom Verge.

And let's not forget Ghost Song: A Journey of Hope. That one could possibly be very cool also.

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I want to see a good 3D Mega Man game but that is not likely to happen. I'm pretty satisfied with what's going on on the "2D Mega Man-like" front so there's nothing else I really want to see there at the moment.

As for Metroid, that last game really managed to kill my interest in the world and fiction so I'm not exactly hankering for another one. I played all of the Prime games, with diminishing returns in terms of the enjoyment I got out of each one, so I don't know if a new Prime style game would be something I'd be interested in eiher. It's possible, though.

A Donkey Kong Country Returns style 2D Metroid, either for WiiU or 3DS, might be cool.