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@ntm: in the trailer during the show they called it an 'interactive teaser' (SunBroZak linked the trailer), and on the PSN store it's filed under demos.

@chaser324: Oh that makes sense, when I searched for it I just found a bunch of P.T. Barnum and P.T.O stuff :P

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During the Sony Gamescom conference, they announced a new game called P.T. for the PS4, and there is a demo of it on the PSN store right now.

It's impossible to find on the GB database because of its stupid name.

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@cale: It is, there's more after that :)

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Oh, there are multiple endings? What happens?

I got to the red part, did what I wrote in the other post, heard some dialogue, and the game restarted, but after that it was still different, and I got green rooms, blue rooms and so on. After a couple of those though, it just seems to have stopped changing.

Where I'm at now, if I wait around 1 minute, bells will sound, and I will see the ghost-girl-monster-thing in various windows or mirrors, but nothing else really happens.

I don't know about the engine, but the game is damn beautiful! There's something about the motion blur and the head bobbing that makes it look very realistic, on top of everything being super sharp, high resolution and with great shadows and lighting. It's really impressive!

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@cale: Go into the bathroom, and above the bathtub there is a large hole, now go out and to the other side of the wall where the hole is, and look through it by pressing down the R3 button. There will be a missing painting.

I think I'm all the way through, as nothing new is happening after "the loop", but maybe there is more.

I thought the concept of the game was pretty cool, but it went on way too long, and I have NO idea what the actual game is about :P

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Aarhus, Denmark

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@dropabombonit said:

Seasons 2-9 are pure gold, everything after that is garbage

Add season 10 as well in my opinion, after that is when it started to get too repetitive, boring and far-fetched, thats where I stopped buying the DVDs. The first season is also fun to watch though, simply to see how it started.

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At least everything is spelled correctly on the box.

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@The_Reflection said:

Patrick "Trick "Tricky "Scoops""" Klepeck AKA Kleptock is still firmly in control up on the news deck.

This is one of the most beautiful sentences ever written.

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Damn! My most-looked-forward-to game of 2012... Hopefully they use the time well!