I am a terrible blogger.

So don't expect much to show up here.
But with my new found love of community, wait...  I want to post some more here soon. With all the MW2 hoopla going around, I feel that consoles may have finally sucked me back in (take that ODST). 
Check back soon?


Been too long.

In my recent days I have been working on getting together my own blog/website and have kept me away from my posts here at giantbomb. While they're probably not being read, I still like being here in this community.

These last few weeks I've been delving into Braid, multiple games of Geometry Wars RE2, and jumping into Tier 6 content with my guild in WoW. Being without Xbox live at my current apartment has kept me away from consoles for awhile but starting this evening (30mins to be exact) I will once again have internet access and the ability to further pwn noobs all day long.

With the upcoming school year approaching next week, we'll see how much time I have available to put towards both this blog as well as games that I'd like to get into. I'm sure with the exciting relases expected out in Q1 09 I'll be back and ready to play any and everything I can get my hands on.

Sorry for such short notice, but getting ready to move into the new place. More updates to follow.



Back to Bioshock, WoW, N-Ball Mac, FFV and more?

This week in my gaming life I find myself returning to some old favorites.

My initial purchase of Bioshock back upon it's release led to me playing through the first few hours and enjoying the hell out of it. The following days and weeks I found myself under a massive pile of projects for the fall semester that did not allow me to get around to, well, the rest of the game. Shortly after I had begun my own campaign, a friend of mine thought it looked "neat" and decided that he would have a stab at it. This initial stab eventually became a gaping wound and he was in my room every night playing Bioshock. Before I knew it he had finished the entire game and was telling me about how great it truly was. While the ending seemed to not be the greatest I've ever seen, the beauty and style of the game really kept me wanting to play it again.

So once again this week I decided to pick up Bioshock and see where I could get with it. After only a few more hours I'm already much further than I had been before and more fully understanding the story as well as the mechanics of the game. The concepts of weapon upgrade, ammo invention, plasmids and various physical powerups are just a blast to experience. I've found myself addicted and won't let anyone else play it until I finish it this time. I can't wait.

Bought back my WoW account last night to see what was going on in-game and with the guild and a few friends. Listening to podcasts such as The Instance, World of Warcast, How I WoW, and Project Lore, I love hearing about the game and talking about the various mechanics and social aspects that come along with the game that never ends. While I don't see myself getting super-addicated again (raiding every night for 4-5 hours at a time), I do want to be available to the friends I've made online and enjoy some time with RL friends as well. With the WotLK expansion on the horizon, I suppose I can simply stockpile gold until that day comes.

Randomly elsewhere this week, grabbed the GBA SP and a copy of FFV and got around to playing one of the only final fantasy titles I have yet to complete. Having played FFIV and VI many times over, V is a blissful return to those days of eating candy and drinking soda all day while staying home "sick" from school. The world map and other cutscene shots remind me of the tiny pixelated images of IV, but the battle sequences and town structures are incredibly close to the beauty and detail that was present in VI. So far so good, let's hope it doesn't just sit on the shelf.

Last piece, fun little game N-Ball is a silly little game for Mac and Windows that's very simple to play. Ragdoll physics meets Uniracers in this simple little app.

And that's basically what I'm playing this week, not sure if links are allowed so I've decided to leave them out. Anything you're interested in you know there is the famous google that can find it for you. Any 360 recommendations (or anything else for that matter) are entirely welcome.

Until next time, cheers.


Post the First

Today I enter my first blog into the newly launched GiantBomb system. While I am excited about the new site launch and everything else that comes with it, I am never one to continue my blog posts. Hopefully in the coming days and weeks (and perhaps even months) I will post my own video game endeavors into this blog to be read by all.

Unfortunately I will cut this short because, well, I'm at work and should be doing work like things.