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@FluxWaveZ:  I'd say like most conflicts, Canada would back whoever their main supporter/ally is of the time. If, and there's very little reason to believe it would not be, America is still their closest supporter and Ally outside of the United Kingdom, and given the fact both nations have a vested interest in having North America Korean free, I'd imagine they'd at the very least send some sort of weaponry aid. As far as getting involved in the war directly, you guys would more than likely allow anything one state down from Canada to be America's fight. Not to say Canada's military isn't capable, you're just simply a much smaller nation and can't take as large of risks militarily in a conflict that doesn't directly threaten you at that very moment. 
Of course, Canada has gone much further than California to defend America's and the west's interest, so depending on the leader... you never know.
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@ryanwho:  Some enjoy sports, others enjoy programming, I enjoy writing and thinking up scenarios like this. It was fun to write, so why not? Thanks for the kind words from most :)
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@BeachThunder:  Was thinking of adding a couple more 'over and over and over's for ironies sake to that one, but I wasn't sure who would get it. Or if I even did for that matter. I'm not very bright after an all nighter. 
Personally, I'd like to see more space games. Whether they be like Mass Effect or a space ship simulator, or simply a space simulator where you live your life out. I am partial to them all.
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@kishan6:  Never did like people from Connecticut. Very annoying breed of folks. Probably why I have so much self loathing festering in me belly.
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 To clarify, what I mean by this is the next World War 2, Space Marine or Zombie Apocolypse 'genre' that is so overdone that you'll have no interest in it once the genre has fully exhausted itself.

Excuse the poorly executed rhymes by the way. I swear, I get better with time, like a finely made wine, that masters these sick ass rhymes while committing dope ass crimes. For real.

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@uniform:  I surely killed everyone along the way. These are the people that supported this man along the way. That think of him as a saint, and do not see the wrong in the way he lived his life. If they could not see what he was doing was wrong, or simply were too blinded by their love for this man to see so very slightly beneath the surface... Aren't they as guilty as Ross? There will be no one, besides that one agent, that will have ever seen me ask anything about Ross. Beyond that, the two murders took place in Mexico, so even the Agency has no true jurisdiction over him. I'm sure that Jack can find a way to live a happy life after this, and his goal of killing was not for anything other than justice. Not for fame, not for revolution, not for wealth. He never has to kill again, and in my mind, for the stories sake, he never does. Could go differently in another head, but to me, that's the only ending that I could live with: The world finally being right again. 
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 I noticed this sentiment while going through the comments of the recent trailer. Instead of simply saying 'This is a video game, guys! Get over it!' and posting it in the comments section, I figured I'd give you a somewhat detailed analysis of Korea, and why this back story is only slightly far fetched if it were to play out precisely as it was laid out in the video. If you want to skip to the part where I analyze the future junk, ctrl+f to the part that says 'Homefront Future (HFF): 2011'.

  • Korea, 1950

During this year, North and South Korea went to war. In short, this came about by two leaders that couldn't agree on a Korean government thanks to two foreign powers that decided they would meddle in affairs (USSR, USA, respectively). The Korean people were not asked if they wanted to unite, and it's arguable whether they would have or not (democratically), but one thing was for sure: Both of the new leaders certainly wished to rule a united Korean peninsula. After many small skirmishes and border raids along the 38th parallel (at the time, the border of North and South Korea), North Korea escalated the war, and unleashed a full invasion. South Korea was almost entirely eliminated, and pushed back to the south east of their country, until the United States stepped in. I won't go on about this war too much, as the details aren't important. What is important, though, is that the United States and South Korea barely won any land yet cemented a hatred for the United States in the North Korean people. Oh, and we're still at war with North Korea. At any time, either side could legally and justifiably break the cease-fire and attempt to attack the other side of the peninsula or, truly U.S. soil at any time.
  • North Korea, 1994

 Up until this point, the leader of North Korea had been Kim Jong-Il's father, Kim Il-sung. Naturally, as it was Il-sung who started the Korean war, there was very little chance of peace in his life time. Unfortunately, this didn't change with Kim Jong-Il, and in fact relations soured even further in the next 15 years. Kim Jong-il not only was an aggressive military leader, he was also extravagant, and believed in grand projects dedicated to himself. In his life time, the people of North Korea suffered more than they ever had. No matter how much they suffered, though, Kim Jong-Il wasn't simply their leader, he was essentially their deity (as was his entire family, sons, brothers, and father). Very little is known about the inside doings of North Korea, but there has been no signs of rebellion within that country, regardless of how horrible conditions are within the country.
  • July 4th-October 9th, 2006

During this time period, Kim Jung-Il escalated testing their nuclear capabilities to varying degrees. From missile tests to an actual nuclear explosion, North Korea finally wasn't simply a dog with a loud bark, it now had teeth. Granted, the bite would still take awhile to work on, but it certainly wasn't going to stop working towards a fully nuclear capable Korea.
  • March 26th, 2010

The Republic of Korea's Cheonan, a Cruiser class Naval ship, was sunk off the coast of the Korean peninsula. The South Koreans are now blaming the North Koreans, while the North Koreans deny any involvement. The U.S. is pressuring the U.N. for action, and becoming far more hostile than usual (which certainly says something, given the less than lukewarm relationship they've always shared). All in all, it feels like war rhetoric on all sides, and while peace is still possible, it certainly isn't guaranteed (as always, of course). One thing is certain, though: Propaganda is sure to increase on all sides, and resentment will grow until one side decides enough is enough, and either tries for true peace. Or breaks the ceasefire.

North Korea continues to increase it's weapons production. This isn't far fetched in the least. After all of this rhetoric about pressuring the North Koreans and the need to be more strict with them, Kim Jung-Il will naturally try to 'defend' himself by creating an arms-length between him and South Korea. He does this with missiles and guns, plain and simple.
  • HFF: 2012-2013

Kim Jung-Il dies. Again, reasonable. He's been ill (hah) the past few years with various ailments, so much as to be out of the public eye (something he absolutely lives for) for months at a time. Kim Jong-Un (the actual heir to North Korea at the moment, had to wiki it honestly as all the names blur together), takes his place as a charasmatic young political figure in North Korea. He has a dream of uniting the country, and after a hard and deep world wide recession that is blamed on the Capitalist system, Communism and Socialism will be more appealing to citizens across the world. Now, with an ideal that South Koreans can stand behind, two military forces that are strong divided, but world class united, and a leader willing to show them a united future, everything is lined up for one Korea once more. (This next part I'm adding as a hypothetical to explain why other nations would stay out of Korea's business, among other things) Elsewhere in the world, new leadership in Russia aligns them with China, causing the Chinese-Russian Trade Allegiance, or CRTA (ser-tuh). This new treaty, bred by a united hatred for the west, allows China to get 25% higher prices for it's goods (when selling to Russia) while promising 30% of their national output dedicated towards Russian government products as well as joint military projects for the two allies. In the United States, the apparent loss of the Afghan-Pakistani war has hit the countries morale hard, and a united Taliban government in the region has caused America's military capabilities to be put under question. Not since 9/11 has their been such bold Islamic extremists in the world, and America's security is once again being tested.
  • HFF: 2015-2018

The United States is in turmoil thanks to a second Depression that followed a double dip recession. The dollar's value has plummeted, and the faith the world once had in America's economic value has failed. Investors begin to use other currencies available, such as the Euro, Yin, possibly Yuan... or perhaps even a new Korean or OPEC currency, and the dollar's demise becomes certain. That only aggravates the U.S. economy and its political power even further, and the U.S. can no longer maintain military superiority around the world. They are forced to retreat from their World War 2 bases in Japan and return them to closer, less costly bases such as Hawaii or Monterrey, CA. After this, the Koreans make a swift move to capture Japan. The Japanese, now facing a Korea backed not only by China but by Russia as well, not to mention their absent U.S. allies, surrenders after a small ground invasion of it's Western coast by Korean forces. Elsewhere in the world, China is at war with Afghanistan while crushing Islamic insurgencies in it's Western provinces. Any objection they may have towards the war with Japan (while incredibly limited and based purely on a fear of a stronger Korea) is entirely muted thanks to their own exhausting battle with the same Islamic groups America had lost to just 6 years ago, after being hunkered down for 11 years in the country. 
  • HFF: 2022-2025

The second Great Depression is in full swing. Americans are living in a state of poverty and fear, while Korea, backed (and now even feared) by the Chinese and Russians, have annexed much of South-East Asia. The countries, persuaded by both fear and a desire to be part of something monumental, are falling swiftly and without much need for military persuasion. The few nations that do fight back... do not last long. The Korean Space Agency has made leaps and bounds since the annexation of Japan, and Korea is launching it's next generation communications satellite. This satellite turns out to be a new space age EMP weapon. The U.S. military, after updating most of it's ground based communications during the early 2010's, is almost entirely in the dark. Hawaii falls, and very small parts of the west coast are under siege. The U.S. military, while slow to begin their defense, are finally beginning to learn how to operate in a more agile, guerrilla like manner. Some of the lessons Generals learned in Afghanistan are reversed, and used against the Korean invaders.  Now, with nothing left to lose, the U.S. prepares to fight on it's HOME, FRONT. See how that all works? 
Now, I know some of this sounds insane, and this won't happen more than likely. However, as a story, it does make sense. We don't know how politics, economy and technology will advance and morph over the next 13 years. If they did happen this way, though, there's a chance it could happen. Is it a grim future? Of course, but most evil empires are born through very dark and grim circumstances, typically through the fall of larger, formerly more powerful nations. It's how evolution works, and I understand that change and evolution is scary, but it is also inevitable. Should these events happen, however impossibly unlikely that is, know that if the U.S. is in fact better than Korea, we'll win in the end! Yay! Until then, though, this is just a hypothetical story to a game that brings back great memories of Freedom Fighters. Let's leave it at that.
Or! You can argue anything I said here, and (up until a point) I'll try to respond with the most logical response possible.
Enjoy the morning/day/evening! :D
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So, I signed up for this the day the website was available.
The day the beta came out, and for the newsletter. Never recieved another newsletter, and was never included within this program. Really disappointed with this, OnLive. Never got invited, never got a newsletter, never got anything. So, now I, as an 'early adopter' in the truest of the sense, am out of a years subscription, and now I'll not use this service until there's a free trial. Real shame.

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@JokerSmilez:  You are very dense, friend. I don't read reviews to rant and rave, I merely enjoy reading reviews that give a perspective about a game or movie I enjoy. I like hearing about flaws that I may not have caught, or features that I may have overlooked. I enjoy others opinions because I enjoy the differences of opinions. I've learned over the years that if someone says 'You're just a <insert insult>' or 'The reason you this is <insert reason>', they are speaking about a flaw that they have as a person, as we can only understand what we are like, so we exert our flaws onto others to try to push back blame off our chest onto someone else. If you want to argue with something or someone that has an opinion that can't be changed, go argue with a dog about how disgusting it is to lick their balls. They'll be about as receptive as any human is towards your ramblings about how wrong they are.
Enjoy your day, bud, and try to realize your flaws are yours, not mine. Thanks.