Homestuck fighter 4: Fate of two sessions.

Words cannot describe how excited i am by the prospect of the incredibly popular web comic Homestuck getting it's own fan made fighting game.

Confirmed features are:

  • HD Sprite based characters
  • a parry system
  • Supers (Fraymotif moves) And Ultras (Final Flip-out)

If it was any other fan made project i'd suspect it would never be made but i have high hopes for this. Anyone else enjoyed the magic of homestuck as is as excited by this as i am?


Today: old weird shit.

So i'm in the process of packing up all my worldly possessions to move to another house and in doing so i keep finding old relics of the past. So i thought some of you guys would get a kick out of some stuff. I'll probably add to this as i find more.


Persona 4: The Animation episode 1.

So i just watched episode one of the long awaited persona 4 anime and i have to say whoever's in charge is a genius. It's completely loyal to the original game in every detail. It looks fantastic which i think has to be said. Anime is rarely of this quality, at least what I've seen. I can't wait to see more of it. It's pretty slow paced, could end up being multiple seasons if it maintains it's slow, meticulous lumber.


Street fighter beat the crap out of me.

So after literal weeks of throwing half hours at Juri's 24 trial, I emerged from my doctor's office today with a cloud of depression over my head and a letter of specialist treatment in hand as I recieved my first carpal tunnel diagnosis.

I feel defeated. Damn you Juri.

Maybe i should just buy a fightstick and stop fumbling with this damn pad.


We'll call that a personal victory...

I needed help. After 10 years without street fighter in my life i found my skills so lacking even a hadoken was stretching my ability.
I cried out for help, a plea to giantbomb and Ajay answered.
So after matching up against Giantbomb's Ajayraz (a man closer to my heart every day) a few times now and getting utterly smoked in the process we tried our own SSF4 Endurance run today of 40+ matches. 

I lost ultimately but i feel okay with it as i beat the dirty canadian a fair few times!

Things got heated with some Sakura on Sakura violence (Where does it end?!) and i failed to realise the artistry of the Feng shui engine but ultimately the results before you.
I'll get you next time Ajay!

 Sure it's a loss but i fought with honor!